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Venue hire application form

Interested in hiring any of the facilities within the UniSC Sports Precinct? Please fill out the below application form and our bookings team will get back to you within five working days.

No booking is confirmed until an official booking confirmation has been sent by UniSC Sport and Fitness.

All bookings and booking enquires are subject to the UniSC Sport and Fitness Conditions of Hire.

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Hirer details
Venue / equipment

Payment may either be received as cash on arrival or invoice on account. Please complete the details below (Use N/A if you are paying cash on arrival)

Applicant declaration

As the aforementioned responsible person, I apply on behalf of the Hirer to hire the venue/equipment described above from the University of the Sunshine Coast (‘the University’). I acknowledge that I have read the Conditions of Hire.

I accept that the Hirer agrees to comply with all University statutes, rules and policies and the Conditions of Hire.

In consideration of the University accepting this Application, I guarantee to the University, the payment by the Hirer of all Hire charges and the performance by the Hirer of all of the Hirer’s obligations pursuant to the Conditions of Hire.