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Dr Trong Tran

PhD Griff, MPhil Griff, BChemEng HCMUT

  • Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry
  • School of Science, Technology and Engineering
+61 7 5459 4579
Office location
SD I1.46A and MB A1.76
Sunshine Coast
Trong Tran

Dr Trong Tran completed his PhD study in Organic Chemistry from Griffith University in 2015 and then obtained a two-year NIH postdoctoral fellowship in the National Cancer Institute – National Institutes of Health in USA. His previous research resulted in the discovery of several novel anticancer compounds from plant, marine and microbial organisms. After achieving the SIEF STEM+ Business Fellowship from CSIRO, Dr Tran returned to Australia in 2017 and has started working at the University of the Sunshine Coast (UniSC) since then. He was promoted to Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry in 2023. His current research focuses on the discovery of bioactive compounds from natural sources (plants, microorganisms, bee products and aquatic organisms) with antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, wound healing and neuroprotective properties for food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and agricultural applications.

Professional Membership

  • Member of the American Society of Pharmacology (ASP)
  • Member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI)
  • Member of the Topical Advisory Panels of Foods journal


  • UniSC Recognition of Teaching Excellence (2022)
  • Australian Endeavour Executive Leadership Award (2019)
  • SIEF STEM+ Business Fellowship (2017-2020)
  • NIH Postdoctoral Visiting Fellowship (2015-2017)

Research Grants

Grant/project name


Funding body and AUD$ value


Natural Product Discovery & SAR

Tran T., Stewart T.

QBiotics Group, $188,870


Study on bioactive compounds of ginger Zingiber officinale

Tran T.

Buderim Ginger Factory, $9,880


Selection and breeding of blushwood

Stewart T., Tran T., Elizur A.

QBiotics Group, $335,909


Novel solutions for inducing ovarian maturation in the black tiger prawn Penaeus monodon

Ventura T., Elizur A., Cummins S., Wang T., Tran T., Johnston C., Suwansa-ard S.

FRDC, $763,344


2D LC-QTOF MS/MS for UniSC Metabolomics

Tran T., Elizur A., Lagopoulos J., Cummins S., Yule C., Chittleborough D., Ventura T., Herzig V., Russell F., Lee D., Holmes M., Maher J., Wang T., Brooks P., Boufridi A.

UniSC, $657,061


Australian native stingless bee propolis and resin sources

Tran T., Conroy G., Stewart T., Wallace H.

UniSC, $36,000


Exploring health related Bioproducts from Sydney Rock Oysters

Elizur A., Franco C., Suwansa-ard S., Liang Q., Wang T., McMillan D., Cummins S., Tran T., Dove M., O’Connor W.

MBCRC, $600,000


Australian propolis as a source of novel antimicrobial molecules

McMillan D., Tran T., Yule C., Pollak N.

UniSC, $25,513


Understanding the potential nutritional and medicinal benefits of Australian stingless bee propolis

Tran T.

DISR, $75,320


Neuroprotective compositions of the Eastern Australian monofloral honey

Tran T.

AgriFutures Australia, $9,545


Novel drug discovery and raw material development

Ogbourne S., Tran T.

QBiotics Group, $308,512


Chemical diversity investigation of Australian regional propolis

Tran T., Brooks P.

Hive and Wellness Australia, $34,450


Drug discovery and development

Ogbourne S., Wallace H., Trueman S., Tran T., McMillan D.

QBiotics Group, $1,143,497


Evaluation of the effect of glyphosate and aminomethyl-phosphonic acid residues on soil microorganisms during riparian revegetation in Southeast Queensland

Tran T.

UniSC, $3,990


Discovery and development of bioactive natural products isolated from Queensland’s tropical rainforests

Tran T.

CSIRO, $508,872



Research areas

  • Natural product biodiscovery
  • Drug discovery
  • Food analysis
  • Metabolomics and lipidomics

Teaching areas

Dr Trong Tran's specialist areas of knowledge include natural product biodiscovery, drug discovery, food analysis, metabolomics, lipidomics, chromatography, mass spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

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