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Dr Wayne Graham

PhD Sunshine Coast, BBus(Hons) Sunshine Coast

  • Senior Lecturer, Management
  • School of Business and Creative Industries
+61 7 5430 1287
Office location
Sunshine Coast

Dr Wayne Graham is a Senior Lecturer in Management in the School of Business and Creative Industries.

Wayne has developed a suite of microcredential planning courses in partnership with the Queensland Government. The courses are co-designed, co-delivered and co-evaluated with industry representatives. Funding for the courses has been provided by the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training, and Jobs Queensland. The courses are offered simultaneously online and onsite at various locations throughout the state.

Wayne has presented his research findings at national and international conferences and he has published his research in peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Health Organization and Management, and the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. As well as working in higher education, Wayne has worked in the vocational education sector, the automotive industry and local government.

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  • Vice Chancellor and President's Commendation for Excellence in Engagement, 2020
  • Vice Chancellor and President's Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2018

Professional memberships

  • Fellow, Institute of Managers and Leaders
  • Fellow, Higher Education Academy
  • Member, Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management

Research grants

Project Name Investigators Funding Body Year Focus

Microcredential Planning Courses Evaluation

Dr Wayne Graham, Dr Anthony Grace, Mr David Tensen DYJESBT 2023 Evaluating the impact of microcredential planning courses for Queensland small businesses
Industry Connect Grant Dr Wayne Graham, Associate Professor Florin Oprescu, Dr David Shahar, Professor Marion Gray USC Office of Research 2019 Evaluating the impact of a large integrated primary health care centre in a region with high socio-economic disadvantage
First Year Experience Grant Professor Cindy Davis, Ms Susie Vergers, Dr Wayne Graham et al C-Salt 2018 Exploring Synchronous Online Tutorials Using Zoom Technology to Engage Students Unable to Attend Face-to-Face Tutorials
Evaluating the flipped classroom Dr Jane Taylor, Dr Mary Kynn, Dr Wayne Graham et al. C-Salt 2015 Mapping and evaluating the flipped classroom at USC: Integrative learning and teaching
PIVOTAL Leadership Dr Sue Simon, Dr Wayne Graham, Associate Professor Michael Christie, Associate Professor Karen Noble and Associate Professor Jane Summers National Office of Learning and Teaching 2014 Innovative curriculum design and enhanced postgraduate learning experiences for school leaders
Expansive Learning Leadership Initiative Dr Wayne Graham and Mrs Michelle Gray Expansive Learning Leadership Initiative 2014 Evaluation of a group PATS program to develop future learning and teaching leaders
Publication Completion Grant Dr Wayne Graham Faculty of Arts and Business, USC 2013 Assistance for submission of research papers to peer-reviewed journals
Engagement Research Support Grant Dr Wayne Graham, Professor Mike Clements, Professor Mike Hefferan and Mr Graham Young Office of Engagement, USC 2013 Determining characteristics that enable universities to engage with their communities

Honours and HDR supervision completions

  • Adiba Fattah, PhD, Investigating the effectiveness of the franchising environment of the Australian Automotive Industry, conferred 2023
  • Melissa Innes, PhD, Exploring the lived experience of Individual Foresight in organisations, conferred 2023
  • Kristina Sisyuk, PhD, Behavioural supply chain management: Training and preparation for negotiations in a disruptive environment, conferred 2023
  • Joanne Casey, PhD, Exploring secondary school improvement strategies, conferred 2022
  • John Adie, PhD, Management of patients with non-life threatening urgent conditions, conferred 2022
  • Alis Anagnostakis, PhD, 'Vertical development and Transformative Leadership Education', conferred 2022 
  • David Tensen, Honours, 'Exploring the success of an organisational restructure in a regional Queensland hospital', conferred 2021
  • Bianka Sabert, PhD, ‘The Influence of Communication and Participation on Realised Strategy: A micro-foundational approach’, conferred 2020
  • Brett Letcher, Honours, ‘Coopetition: The Art of Balance’, conferred 2019
  • Bianka Sabert, Honours, 'Performance Evaluation Practices at an International Non-Profit Organisation', conferred 2014
  • Emma Bowis, Honours, 'Succession Planning in Australian Local Government', conferred 2014

Honours and HDR supervisions in progress

  • Suzanne Derok, confirmed PhD candidate, Exploring corporate wellness culture in Australian organisations (with Dr Peter Innes)
  • Kerry Anne Toyer, confirmed PhD candidate, Evaluating the benefits of applying strategic management principles (with Dr Noel Tracey)
  • Piotr Swierkowski, confirmed PhD candidate, Prevailing methods of costing healthcare services: A comparative study of hospitals and primary care in Queensland (with Dr Peter Innes)        
  • Bruce Cooper-McKenzie, probationary Masters candidate, Strategic entrepreneurship in the Australian music industry (with Dr Jenna Campton)
  • Tanja Evrosimovska, confirmed PhD candidate, A tripod synopsis of internationalisation of high-tech SMEs: A comparative study of developed and emerging countries (with Dr Jane Menzies & Dr Jacqueline Burgess)
  • Therese Teh, probationary Masters candidate, Evaluating stakeholder engagement during the co-design, co-delivery and co-evaluation of microcredential business courses (with Dr Dan Abell)
  • David Tensen, probationary PhD candidate, Evaluating organisational impact of strategic planning in micro and small businesses in Queensland (with Dr Anthony Grace)

Research areas

  • Strategic Management
  • Management Education

Teaching grants

Project Name Academic Leader Funding Body Year Focus
Workforce Planning for Regions Course Dr Wayne Graham DEBST 2024 Design, develop and deliver a specialised regional workforce planning course in partnership with Jobs Queensland and the Local Government Association of Queensland
Workforce Planning for Business Course - Statewide Expansion Dr Wayne Graham DESBT 2024 Design, develop and deliver courses that focus on workforce planning for Queensland businesses and organisations
Translation Project Dr Wayne Graham DYJESBT 2023 Facilitation of translating learning resources of all three courses into non-English languages
Continuity Planning Course Dr Wayne Graham DYJESBT 2023 Design, develop and deliver courses in partnership with industry across the UniSC geographical footprint
Business Planning Course Statewide Expansion Dr Wayne Graham DYJESBT 2023 Establishment of regional teams including training and development to assist the delivery of the Business Planning Course outside the UniSC geographical footprint 
Workforce Planning Course Dr Wayne Graham DYJESBT & JQ 2023 Design, develop and deliver courses in partnership with industry within the UniSC geographical footprint 
DESBT Professional Development Courses Dr Wayne Graham DESBT 2022 Design, develop and deliver professional development course for DESBT staff
Business Planning Course Dr Wayne Graham DESBT 2022 Design, develop and deliver courses in partnership with industry across the UniSC geographical footprint 

Teaching areas

  • Business Planning
  • Continuity Planning
  • Workforce Planning

Program coordinator

  • Fjaagesund SD, Graham W, Jones E, Ladhams A, Sayers M, Campbell G, Hou X-Y, Ungureanu M-I & Oprescu F, 2024, Chiropractors in Multidisciplinary Teams: Enablers of Colocation Integration in GP-Led Primary Healthcare, Healthcare, vol. 12, iss. 9, pp. 1-18. 
  • Adie, J, Graham, W, O'Donnell, R & Wallis, M, 2023, Patient presentations to an after-hours general practice, an urgent care clinic and an emergency department on Sundays: a comparative, observational study, Journal of Health Organization and Management, vol. 37, no. 1, pp. 96-115.
  • Letcher, B, de Villiers Scheepers, MJ & Graham, W, 2022, Small firm coopetition – the missing links: coopetitive tension, balance and value, Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, vol. 37, iss. 11, pp. 2247-2259.
  • Adie, J, Graham, W & Wallis, M, 2022, Factors Associated With Choice of Health Service Delivery for After-Hours, Urgent, Non-life-Threatening Conditions: A Patient Survey, Australian Journal of Primary Health, vol. 28, no. 2, pp. 137-142.
  • Casey, J, Simon, S & Graham, W, 2021, Leading with the social brain in mind, Australian Educational Leader, vol. 43, iss. 4, pp. 16-24.
  • Adie, J, Graham, W, Bromfield, K, Maiden, B, Klaer, S & Wallis, M, 2021, Urgent care in the community: an observational study, Journal of Health Organization and Management, vol. 35 no. 8, pp. 949-963.
  • Casey, J, Simon, S & Graham, W, 2021, Optimising leadership: Conceptualising cognitive constraints of sociality and collaboration in Australian secondary schools, Improving Schools, vol. 24, no. 1, pp. 19-32.
  • Bye, L, Jenner, P & Graham, W, 2021, The dynamics of social capital in first-year teaching teams: A comparative case study analysis, Journal of Further and Higher Education, vol. 45, no. 3, pp. 297-311.
  • Christie, M, Simon, S, Graham, W, Call, K & Farragher, Y, 2019, Bungee-jumping and rocket-launching: transformative learning for today’s transformational school leaders, International Journal of Educational Management, vol. 33, iss. 7, pp. 1610-1624.
  • Donnelly, M & Graham, W, 2018, Co-Leadership: Public Sector Case Studies using Reciprocal Expectations, Development and Learning in Organizations: An International Journal, vol. 32, iss. 2, pp. 13-15.
  • Simon, S, Christie, M, Heck, D, Graham, W & Call, K, 2018, Making Headway: Developing Principals’ Leadership Skills through Innovative Postgraduate Programs, Australian Journal of Teacher Education, vol. 43, iss. 2, pp. 76-99.
  • Adie, J, Graham, W & Wallis, M, 2017, Entry points to the health system: A review of the emerging community models for management of non-life-threatening urgent conditions relevant to Australia, Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management, vol. 12, iss. 1, pp. 9-16.
  • Manuell, P & Graham, W, 2017, Grounded Theory: An Action Research Perspective with Models to Help Early Career Researchers, Journal of Social & Behavioural Research in Business, Vol. 8, Iss. 1, pp. 74-90.
  • Graham, W, 2017, Developing organizations: a system of enquiry, action and learning, Development and Learning in Organizations: An International Journal, Vol. 31, Iss. 1, pp. 12-14.
  • Graham, W & Hede, A, 2016, Strategic Actions Analysis: A new tool for managers, Journal of New Business Ideas and Trends, vol. 14, iss. 2, pp. 1-22.
  • Simon, S, Christie, M, Graham, W & Summers, J, 2016, The PIVOTAL Leadership Model: Improving School Leaders’ Professional Capacity and Personal Vitality through Innovative Postgraduate Course Design, The International Journal of Educational Organization and Leadership, vol. 23, iss. 3, pp. 1-16.
  • Sabert, B & Graham, W, 2014, Performance and control of international non-profit organizations, Journal of New Business Ideas and Trends, vol. 12, iss. 2, pp. 50-68.
  • Simon, S, Christie, M, Graham, W & Call, K, 2014, Pivotal ways of improving leadership and the scholarship of learning and teaching in Higher Education, Journal of Business Education and Scholarship of Teaching, vol. 8, iss. 2, pp. 32-38.

Wayne's specialist areas of knowledge include strategic management, business development, management education and health sector management.

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