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Workforce Planning

Right people. Right skills. Right place. Right time.

The Workforce Planning Course is proudly supported by the Queensland Department of Youth Justice, Employment, Small Business and Training, in partnership with Jobs Queensland.

This free course is designed to help Queensland business owners and managers fully understand their workforce, by developing an agile, flexible workforce plan to respond to changes in the business environment. Employing principles of workforce planning and by examining the operational, tactical and strategic focus, the plan will complement and integrate into an organisation’s overall business planning.

Eligibility requirements

Open to business owners and managers located in Queensland.

Gain certification and credit

Participating in this course is a great way to experience what it is like to study at University and open up a pathway into a higher-level qualification. Upon completion of all modules and submission of assessment items, you will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion and a credit for one elective course in UniSC's Graduate Certificate in Business Administration.

Course Information

The content is delivered as workshops within this free, short course. The weekly schedule includes the development of a customised workforce plan and helps businesses to respond to workforce needs, challenges and changes. Topics covered will include stakeholder planning and analysis, creating a workforce profile and identifying workforce supply and demand dynamics. Participants are welcome to attend in person at our locations or via Zoom.


Module 1: Introduction to workforce planning

Module 2: Who to involve in workforce planning

Module 3: How to understand your business and the environment

Module 4: How to identify your workforce issues

Module 5: Understanding what your future workforce looks like

Module 6: How to assess your workforce risk  

Module 7: Developing your workforce plan

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USC Senior Lecturer in Management Dr Wayne Graham

Meet the Coordinator

Dr Wayne Graham is a Senior Lecturer in Management and has co-authored three case studies for an Australian textbook on strategic management, as well as presenting his research at national and international conferences.

In addition to his work in the higher education sector, Wayne has worked in the vocational education sector, the automotive industry and local government.

In 2018 Wayne received the Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching.