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Choosing a degree

Thinking about going to uni, but not sure what's next?

Your first step is to decide which degree you’d like to apply for. This will depend on your interests and goals, and the kind of work you’d like to do in the future.

What do you like?

Think about the things you’re naturally interested in or curious about. Your hobby or passion can be a great place to start. Whether it’s sport, understanding people, protecting wildlife, or volunteering in the community, there’s a reason you devote time and energy to the things you love. Often, the right degree can help turn this passion into a career.

Also think about the school subjects you’ve liked most, and why. Do you enjoy working with your hands, or solving maths and science problems? Maybe you prefer writing and debating ideas? Maybe your passion is creative subjects, like art or design?

You’re much more likely to succeed at university if you study something you like and want to learn.

What careers are you interested in?

Some degrees qualify you for a particular job, like a nurse or a teacher. Others let you explore a broad area of interest, like social science or the environment.

Think about the types of careers or industries you’re interested in. This will help you narrow down your degree choices. For example, if you want to be an engineer, you’ll need to study an accredited engineering program. But if you want to work in media or entertainment, you could study communication, social media, journalism or creative industries.

If you're not sure, try looking at more flexible degrees 

Some degrees let you try different subjects and combine areas of interest (called ‘majors’) to build your own career pathway. This is a good choice if you don't have your heart set on a particular job. If this sounds like you, check out the Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Communication, Bachelor of Creative Industries or Bachelor of Health Science.

Remember, there’s no such thing as the ‘wrong’ degree

In the past, many degrees led to one job: accountant, lawyer, doctor. But in the future, it will be common to have more than 15 jobs across up to five careers. At USC, our focus is on building creative, resourceful graduates who can choose to move between jobs and industries.

This means you don’t need to be 100 percent sure about your career to get started. All UniSC programs include hands-on training and a focus on the core skills you’ll need in the future workplace. No matter what you study, you’ll learn to communicate well, solve problems and think creatively.

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