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Using the university timetable

Using the university timetable

Select your class times to work in with your school timetable when the USC class timetable is released.

For most courses you will need to attend a lecture and a tutorial each week, which is approximately 3 to 5 contact hours per week.

Some courses are different, for example:

  • Design courses — for most design courses you are required to attend a lecture and a computer workshop (as opposed to a tutorial).
  • Language courses — each week you are required to attend one lecture and a set of tutorials, which often amounts to 5 hours of contact (class) time. On the timetable, each set of tutorials has a class number and may consist of 2 or 3 tutorial times. You will need to attend each of the tutorials listed under the class number.
  • Science courses — for most science courses you are required to attend a lecture each week and a tutorial or laboratory session (these alternate each week during semester). Class time for science courses often amounts to 4 contact hours per week.

You may be able to change your lecture and tutorial times if they do not suit your school timetable, or if your circumstances have changed.

Timetable example

If you were applying to study COR109, you would be required to attend one tutorial and one lecture per week.