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Before each study period, you will need to enrol in your courses and select your class times.

It's important that you understand how to enrol and how to plan what courses to study so that you complete your program (degree) when you expect to.

New students

Once you have applied and received your offer of a place from UniSC, you need to respond to your offer, plan your study and enrol in your courses. Follow the steps to activate your offer and enrol.

Enrolment dates

Study Period 2, 2024

  • Sunday 28 April: On-time course enrolment closes (continuing students)
  • Wednesday 22 May: Class timetable released for viewing and planning purposes only
  • Monday 27 May: Class selection opens for new students
  • Wednesday 27 May: Class selection opens for continuing students who enrolled on time
  • Monday 3 June: Class selection opens for all other students
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Student visa holders

As a condition of your Student visa, you are required to complete your program within the standard duration, or by the end date listed on your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). Make sure you read through important information in the While you are studying page.

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Headstart, Cross-Institutional and Visiting students

Your course enrolment will be completed for you. Once the timetable is released for viewing, complete and submit a class preference form to select your class times.

Manage your enrolment

Once you are enrolled, you may decide to add, drop or swap a course. If you are currently enrolled and planning ahead for your next semester of study, refer to the Study planning and progression page on the Student Portal to learn how to manage your enrolment and ensure that you graduate from your degree when you plan to.

Discovered a new career path or want to take a break from study?

There are different options to help you manage your enrolment and optimise your time at UniSC.

Changing programs

If you feel that you are interested in a different degree or career, it is possible to change your study area. If you are considering changing your degree visit How to change your program for information.

Taking a break from study 

If you are a domestic student and have had an enrolment in at least one study period, you may be eligible to take a leave of absence from study. You may be able to take up to 2 years off from studying, applying for a maximum of 12 months at a time. Learn more about taking a leave of absence.

Not sure about continuing your studies? At UniSC, we're here to support you and help you explore all your options before you make a final decision. If you've looked into your choices, talked to our support teams about any special considerations the University can provide to help you succeed in your program, and you still want to withdraw from your studies, please get in touch with Student Central to discuss the process.

More information

If you have any questions about your program or course choices, you can explore our Student Central FAQs or reach out to the Student Central team.