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Commonwealth Supported Places

Commonwealth supported places are substantially subsidised by the Australian Government so that students only pay 'student contribution" amounts. The student contribution amount will vary depending on the course you are studying and how much funding the Government provides.

If you accept a Commonwealth supported place you are a Commonwealth supported student. As a Commonwealth supported student you must make a contribution towards the cost of your education (unless you are enrolled in Enabling or Tertiary Preparation Pathway courses), with the majority of the cost met by the Commonwealth Government.

Commonwealth supported places are only available to domestic students. As a domestic student you are entitled to a Commonwealth supported place in an eligible program if you:

  • meet the citizenship and residency requirements
  • complete an electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF)
  • meet the University's entry requirements for your chosen program.

Eligible Commonwealth supported students include Australian citizens, Permanent Humanitarian Visa holders and New Zealand citizens who hold a Special Category Visa and meet the eligibility requirements. Students who meet these eligibility requirements are able to borrow money through the Commonwealth Government loan scheme known as HECS-HELP. Permanent Residents of Australia and New Zealand citizens ineligible for HECS-HELP must pay fees by the fee due date printed on their student invoice. Fee due dates are also available on the academic calendars.

The options available for paying your student contribution will depend on your eligibility for HECS-HELP.

Students commencing a course of study from 1 January 2021 must apply for and obtain a USI, to be eligible for a CSP and certain forms of Commonwealth financial assistance like HECS-HELP.

If you don’t already have one, you can get a USI now. If you’ve studied before, you should already have an existing USI. Find your USI easily on the USI website. Your USI is your lifelong education number. Create it once and it’s with you for life!

After accepting your offer you will be required to complete an electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF) in USC Central and enter your Unique Student Identifier (USI). If you are eligible to defer all or part of your student contribution to HECS-HELP, you will be required to provide your Tax File Number (TFN). Ensure your TFN is entered in USC Central on or before the fee due date for the study period in which you wish to access HECS-HELP. Regularly check your To Do List in USC Central for outstanding items.

Whilst all undergraduate programs offered by UniSC are Commonwealth supported, only a small number of postgraduate programs admit students on a Commonwealth supported basis. Refer to individual program pages to determine if a postgraduate program is Commonwealth supported.

If you choose not to be Commonwealth supported (we encourage you to carefully consider this option) you must notify UniSC in writing on or before the fee due date, stating the program in which you do not wish to be Commonwealth supported.

Further information for Commonwealth supported students or student learning entitlements can be found on the Study Assist website.

Current student contribution amounts for Commonwealth supported places at UniSC are available on the schedule of fees.


For more information, contact Student Services.