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Managing your enrolment

It is important you manage your enrolment to ensure your program (degree) is completed and you graduate when you expect to.

If this is your first semester of study:

If you are currently enrolled and planning ahead for your next semester of study:

Once you have started studying you may discover new career paths or courses on offer that interest you. USC offers a range of study support and services to ensure you are on the right path. Below is a list of options you can use to manage your enrolment to optimise your time at USC.

Changing your enrolment – add a course, update a class time or drop a course
  • Add a course or update class times — You can add courses or update class times until the end of Week 2 of a semester, or the end of Week 1 of a session.
  • Drop a course — If you drop a course after census date you will incur financial penalty and may incur academic penalty. The time of semester that you drop your course will determine what academic penalty you will receive, if any. For more details refer to the Academic Calendar.
Adding a course

You can add courses to your enrolment until the end of Week 2 of a semester, or the end of Week 1 of a session. After this time, Course Coordinator approval is required. However, no enrolments will be accepted after the end of Week 3 of a semester or week 2 of a session. Visit How do I enrol? for more information.

What if I don't re-enrol?

If you do not re-enrol you are considered to have taken a leave of absence from your studies and you should complete the Application for a leave of absence form (see below information). This will notify USC and relieve you of receiving unnecessary correspondence.

Taking a leave of absence from study

If you have had an enrolment in at least one study period, you may be eligible to take a leave of absence from study. You may be able to take up to 2 years off from studying, applying for a maximum of 12 months at a time, by:

  • Logging in to USC Central

  • Select Tasks
  • Under My Forms, select Fill out a new form
  • Select Leave of Absence
  • Complete the required details in the form and select Save
  • Select Submit
  • The Approval Status will be automatically updated to Approved or Pending Approval. If your approval status shows as "Pending Approval" you will be notified of an outcome by email.

You need to be aware of any impact taking a Leave of Absence might have on your enrolment for future study and you should look closely at the course prerequisites and requirements before making this decision.

When a leave of absence is approved, it will not drop any current or future enrolment you have. It is your responsibility to drop your enrolled courses under the 'Manage enrolment' tile in USC Central.

Important: Once census date has passed you will remain financially liable for the courses you are enrolled in. Depending on when you choose to take a leave of absence, you may also receive academic penalties. Refer to the academic calendar for key dates. If you drop your enrolment after census date, you are considered as having enrolment and are not required to submit a leave of absence. If you plan to continue your break for the following Semester, you will need to apply to commence your leave of absence for that teaching period.

If you have no enrolment in a fifth consecutive study period then you will have your enrolment as a student discontinued. If at a later stage you decide to study at the USC again, you will need to reapply for entry via QTAC for an undergraduate program or directly to the University for a postgraduate program.

International Student Visa holders must first discuss taking a break from study with Student Central as to the impact this may have on their Student Visa.

Changing programs

If you feel that you are interested in a different degree or career, it is possible to change your study area. If you are considering changing your degree visit How to change your program for information.

Applying for your major/minor

Some undergraduate programs at USC require you to choose a major and /or minor as part of your degree. You can check if your program requires a major or minor within the Program structure dropdown menu on your program webpage. Please note, elective courses are not able to be used to add a non-required major or minor to your degree from 30 November 2019.

A major in a bachelor degree is 96 units that develop a coherent academic theme. A minor in a bachelor degree is 48 units that develop a coherent academic theme. You apply for your major/minor by completing the Majors/Minors application form available via the Student forms and document requests page. If you would like to remove a major/minor already recorded please note this in the comments box on the registration form.

Credit for prior learning

Students can, under specified conditions, gain credit for previous study and qualifications towards a USC qualification. Refer to credit for prior learning for information on how to apply.

Withdrawing from your program

Before taking this step please talk to us to make sure you have considered all of your options and understand any implications of withdrawing from your program. The University provides support services for students that you may like to access.

Would a break from study, rather than a complete program withdrawal, be a possibility? Is there any special consideration the University could make to assist your successful completion of your program, or to help you through a difficult time?

If you do wish to withdraw from your program of study, please contact Student Central about this process.

Official Statement of Academic Record

You may need your Official Statement of Academic Record if applying for credit transfer to another university, or for scholarship purposes and job applications.

More information

If you have any questions about your program or course choices, visit Managing your progression or contact Student Central to speak to a Progression Adviser.

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