Rural Access Scheme - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Rural Access Scheme

Australians living in rural and remote areas face challenges accessing healthcare, often resulting in poorer health outcomes compared to people living in metropolitan areas.

USC is passionate about changing this, so for the Bachelor of Medical Science program we will give priority place to students from rural backgrounds when determining the minimum selection threshold.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible, you must meet the Federal Government’s definition of living in a rural community. You need to have lived in a category ASGS-RA 2 – 5 regional or remote area of Australia for a minimum of five or more consecutive years, or 10 cumulative years, prior to commencing university study. A rural residential property must have been your principal home address. Holiday homes, secondary residence and investment properties don’t qualify. Students who attended boarding school can use their family’s primary residence as their qualifying address.

To check on rural geographic eligibility, enter your address at the ASGS-RA locator and use the ASGS Remoteness Areas (2016) data.

How do I apply?

When you apply through QTAC for the Bachelor of Medical Science, QTAC will contact you about applying for the Rural Access Scheme. You will then be able to download the Rural Access Scheme coversheet from QTAC. Complete the coversheet and upload it to your QTAC application with your supporting documentation.

What documentation do I need to provide?

Acceptable supporting documentation includes:

  • Supporting letters from a GP, school, university or workplace (signed originals on letterhead). Supporting letters must state your rural address.
  • Invoices for telephone, rates, utilities or bank statements showing your address at the time of issue. These proof-of-residency documents can be in your parents’ names.

Letters written specifically in support of your claim must be original letters. Other documentation can be photocopies.

Important dates

3 August 2021 – applications open for 2022.

10 December 2021 – Rural Access Scheme supporting documents to be submitted to QTAC. Applications and documentation submitted after this date may not be processed in time for the mid-January offer round.

27 December 2021 – Bachelor of Medical Science applications close.