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CAVE2™ and the community

A unique experience

UniSC's CAVE2 is a powerful visualisation tool that can immerse its audience in a limitless range of visual and audio content.

This unique experience makes CAVE2 the ideal presentation tool. Despite being visually arresting and strikingly modern, setting up presentations for the CAVE2's 320 degree panorama is surprisingly straightforward, which is why local schools, government departments, businesses and industries are partnering with UniSC to reach their audiences.

Visualisation for the community 

The CAVE2 is housed in the heart of the UniSC Sunshine Coast campus, with its own bespoke building featuring ample room for 'break-out' sessions and separate presentation areas. Outside the building are covered study and meeting areas surrounded by stunning architecture and lush Queensland foliage.

UniSC wish to extend the use of this facility to the wider community, and our dedicated team are on hand to assist you with presentation set-up and technical advice.

About CAVE2™

The state-of-the-art, 5-Star Green Star rated Engineering Learning Hub (ELH) delivers world class learning and teaching facilities over three levels.

At the core of this new building are three cutting-edge visualisation facilities which provide a hybrid of 2D and 3D virtual reality learning environments which allows students to see and interact with complex data in ways that accelerate and deepen their learning.

The largest of these facilities is the Visualisation Studio which houses the CAVE2: Cave Automated Virtual Environment. One of only four of its kind in the world (one in Melbourne and two in the USA), the CAVE2 provides a near-seamless, 320-degree, immersive, panoramic 3D virtual environment. CAVE2 was developed by the Electronic Visualisation Laboratory at the University of Illinois Chicago and was commercialised by Mechdyne Corporation. It is the next generation of virtual, immersive visualisation technology.

Booking CAVE2TM

If you are interested in using CAVE2 and it's facilities for an event, school visit or function, please contact Please note that our priority is teaching, therefore all enquiries will be assessed on an individual basis and not all requests may be able to be accommodated due to availability.

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