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Visualisation and simulation

Being able to manipulate, become immersed in, or visualise concepts or scenarios that would otherwise be impossible to experience is a powerful way to learn.

One of UniSC’s major strategic strengths within the higher education sector is that it offers some of the most sophisticated teaching facilities in the world.

UniSC is home to cutting-edge visualisation facilities which were purpose built to provide a hybrid of 2D and 3D virtual reality techniques to allow students to see and interact with complex data in ways that accelerate and deepen their learning. Visualisations are captivating and immersive ways to enhance and showcase your experience and bring it to life.

Explore some of the projects undertaking research in CAVE2™ or organise a visit to see some of the visual artefacts first-hand and discover how you too could create and develop an immersive and engaging experience for your community event. Get in touch with the team at



Tour the Cave2™

This world class visualisation facility consists of two distinct spaces.

CAVE2™ is housed in the heart of the UniSC Sunshine Coast campus, with its own bespoke building featuring ample room for 'break-out' sessions and separate presentations areas.

The Visualisation Studio, is home to the 2D/3D Cave2 system along with a number of breakout learning spaces.

Collaboration Studio tour

The Collaboration Studio has been designed to foster learning through collaboration in a technology rich environment, capped off with a 3D enabled screen on which multiple sources (table and student laptops, tablets, phones) can be shared.

The Collaboration Studio also includes video conferencing systems facilities for multi-campus teaching.