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Take time for your mind during QLD Mental Health Week

Queensland Mental Health Week aims to shine a spotlight on individual and community mental health and wellbeing.

Mental Health affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices – all important to student life.

Recently, we spoke to USC students about how they ask others 'R U OK?', one student highlighted that it’s just as important to ask yourself 'R U OK?'.

So, this week and beyond, make time for your mental health. Do something small every day that helps build a stronger, happier you, and allows you to live life to your full potential.

Here are a few ideas for some ‘me time’...

Remember, it’s about finding wellbeing activities that work for you – but taking a few moments each day for yourself will help create a happier you.

1. Explore the 6 building blocks of mental wellbeing

There’s a range of small activities that make a big difference to your wellbeing. The Dear Mind website breaks these activities up into six building blocks; Get healthy, keep learning, show kindness, connect more, take notice, and embrace nature.  

Check out the mental wellbeing activity deck to explore different activities and add to your own wellbeing dashboard to put into action. Create my own wellbeing activity deck.  

2. Did you know there’s an app for that

Are you an app person? Why not download a few that will help you strengthen your mental wellbeing. There’s an app to help you create better habits, work on your mindfulness, start running every day or guide you through a meditation. You can even add a colouring book app to your phone for those times you just need to chill out and relax your mind. Explore wellbeing apps. 

3. Reshare that inspiring meme and spread the love

We all love a good meme or inspiring post. So why not use social media to spread words of encouragement and give out all the good vibes!  

If you have a few inspiring memes already saved in your camera roll, be sure to share them with your fellow students in your Campus Facebook Group this week.

4. Discover the USC Wellbeing resources

Maintaining good health and wellbeing while at university will help your academic performance. The UniSC Wellbeing team have a range of resources to support a healthy mind and a healthy body.  

You can download healthy recipes for when you are eating on a budget, find out what sporting facilities are available on campus and check out a few tips to make sure you are getting enough sleep each night.

5. Head to a campus life event this week

Take some time for your mental health this week and connect with others by heading to a Mental Health Week event taking place on campus. Check out the Campus Life Events calendar to see what’s on!

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