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What is Study Overseas?

The Study Overseas program is UniSC's reciprocal exchange program whereby UniSC’s Global Mobility team nominates successful nominees to study at an agreed UniSC partner institution as an exchange student.

UniSC has over 70 partner institutions around the world! You can choose to study in the Americas, Europe or Asia, while earning credit towards your UniSC degree.

The Study Overseas program is:

  • Usually 1 Semester (4 months); and 
  • you remain enrolled as a UniSC student, and pay tuition at UniSC as per UniSC's program fees

While overseas you will study:

  • courses that may be credited towards your UniSC degree
  • the equivalent of 4 UniSC courses (48 units)
  • courses offered in English*

*Unless you are intending to enrol in UniSC'S In-Country Language program, in which case please contact your Course Coordinator.

Why should I Study Overseas?
Personal growth
  • Develop flexibility, resilience and the ability to adapt to new environments
  • Immerse yourself in another culture while sharing your own
  • Become independent and spontaneous
  • Enjoy travelling to a new city and all around the country during your study breaks
  • Learn more about your limits and capabilities while you gain self-confidence
  • Make friends that will last a lifetime
Academic opportunities
  • Earn credit towards your UniSC degree, whilst overseas
  • Improve your language skills or even start a new language
  • Gain new cross-cultural communication and analytical skills
  • Learn about your field from a different academic perspective 
Career development
  • Extend your network and build professional contacts
  • Add a competitive edge to your CV through your international experience
  • Improve your employability prospects - employers are seeking flexible, adaptable graduates with various life experiences

Expression of interest

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