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2022 National Students as Partners Roundtable

The National Students as Partners Roundtable is an annual event that brings members of the Australian Students as Partners Network together to:

The 2022 Roundtable was hosted by the University of the Sunshine Coast (UniSC) online over two days from 22-23 November, 2022.

The 2022 theme was: Sustainability: Developing pathways to transformative change.

The event considered partnerships exploring four key themes:


Meet the UniSC Organising Committee

Belinda Brear

UniSC Staff

Belinda Brear is the Student Partnerships Officer at the University of the Sunshine Coast (UniSC). With over 10 years experience in Higher Education student engagement, she is passionate about enhancing students’ employability and promoting authentic partnerships. Belinda leads the Students as Partners Team at UniSC including the co-curricular recognition program, peer learning programs and the Student Governance Framework.

Christina Boxall

UniSC Student

My name is Christina Boxall and I am a mature age student at uniSC. I am studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries with a major in Creative Writing and Publishing. I have become involved in the University community because I want to stay active and be of service to the community as a whole and plan to be here for a few more years.

Emma Comer

UniSC Student

As a student of Environmental Management, and of International Studies, Emma is pursuing her passions that include people and the planet. The world is intricate and diverse, and the problems faced in society are multifaceted. Being a student of two interdisciplinary degrees, has highlighted the requirement for sustainable partnerships, that facilitate the space required for finding and implementing solutions. As an elected student member of the University Council, and co-chair of the Student Senate, Emma is developing her governance skillset, by engaging with stakeholders at all levels and finding commonalities to achieve shared goals. Emma joined SaP team at UniSC, as it is a great opportunity to learn and engage further with diverse groups of passionate people.


Kate Graham

UniSC Staff

My name is Kate Graham, and I am a Student Central team member and Study Adviser at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay campus. I have a professional background in client/student support and business development, qualifications in business marketing, career development and psychology, and I am currently completing my PhD in the field of positive psychology within the higher education student wellbeing setting. Assisting students to ensure their higher education experience is as smooth, enjoyable, and fulfilling as possible is my driving passion and purpose both professionally and academically.




Riarna Hellyer

UniSC Student

Riarna is a Doctoral candidate with the School of Business and Creative Industries, researching business-to-business customer experience. Riarna is passionate about collaboration and connection within higher education and believes staff and student creativity can be used to enhance the University experience.

Lisa Holmblad

UniSC Student

Global citizen originating from Sweden but after three years on the Sunshine Coast feel very much at home on Kabi Kabi land. Final semester Bachelor of Environmental Management student that believes partnerships combined with a mindset of sustainability are two critical components to successfully enacting change. So let's get together to develop pathways for transformative change.

Kristie Jones

UniSC Staff

Kristie Jones is the Liaison Librarian for the School of Business and Creative Industries at the University of the Sunshine Coast. As a passionate advocate for learning and teaching, she recently completed the Foundations of University Teaching course and was awarded Associate Fellow (AFHEA). She is currently participating in the Scholarly Practice Program for Fellow (FHEA).

Anastasiia Kuleshova

UniSC Staff

Ana is a Student Partnerships Assistant at UniSC and is a student affairs professional coming on 6 years of experience. Ana started her career as a Student Partner while studying a Bachelor of Business Public Relations and has since then discovered her passion for community building and uplifting students to self-actualise throughout their extracurricular engagements. Ana is behind the scenes of most student-led events at UniSC and ensures the Students as Partners community is supported and empowered.

Jordan Pertile

UniSC Student

Jordan Pertile is an Honours student in Pure Mathematics at UniSC. Jordan was a previous co-chairperson of the Science, Technology, and Engineering Student School Group, enhancing her passion of influencing young people and women to pursue STEM fields. Jordan feels passionate about working towards a world of knowledgeable and conscientious young people and hopes to inspire others to tackle more of the world's current problems in STEM. Jordan works as a Senate Admin Assistant with Students as Partners, fostering relationships with students, and professional and academic staff.


Donna Thompson

UniSC Staff

Donna Thompson, is Team Leader, Employability and Programs at UniSC and leads a diverse, multi-functional university-wide team. The team’s purpose is to partner, engage and teach students to develop employability and enhance graduate outcomes.

Donna has worked at UniSC since 2012, and led the  co-creation of the Student Governance framework in partnership with over 80 students. Donna finds it very rewarding to witness the sector-leading SaP program’s evolution and maturation over the last few years, seeing evidence of its sustainability through its adaptability to meet the changing (and at times challenging) needs of the students and the Institution.

Fien Van den Steen

UniSC Student

As an Environmental Management student, I am passionate about sustainability and partnerships: both belong together! Hence, I am the student senate co-chair, member on council, student representative for International and for Science, Technology, and Engineering students, and partner in various working groups on campus. I aim to connect students and university, and whenever appropriate steer that in a sustainable direction! Most significant in this space is my presidency of UniSC Enactus, where we implement Sustainable Development Goals via partnerships between students, university, and external partners, to create an impact on campus with ripple effects in the wider community.

Bailey Wemyss

UniSC Student

Bailey is a disability advocate, researcher, writer and Social Work student at UniSC. She is co-chair of the UniSC Disability and Inclusion Student Group and participates in a variety of working groups at UniSC, in addition to her role as a Convenor of the SVA: Students with Disability Leadership Collective. She obviously also has a great sense of humour.


Tracy-Madonna Wylie

UniSC Staff

Tracy-Madonna is a Careers Adviser and sessional academic at UniSC. In the students as partners space she established a Peer Mentoring Program at Griffith University for commencing students from non-traditional areas of study, and at USQ established a Peer Mentoring Program where University student mentors supported local high school students who were experiencing barriers to their study. Tracy-Madonna is a passionate advocate for social justice, and ensuring the student voice is heard in higher education.


For more information, email studentsaspartners@usc.edu.au or Tel: +61 7 5456 5593.