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UniSC Student Governance Framework

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The UniSC Student Governance Framework is made up of 18 student-led groups that ensure the diverse student voice at UniSC is heard to enhance the student experience.

Student Representatives:

  • act as a source of productive communication between the student body and the University,
  • work collaboratively and in partnership with staff to co-create policies and services relating to teaching and learning,
  • inform the University about emerging issues,
  • lead initiatives that foster a sense of belonging and positive student experience and
  • report back to the wider student cohort.

The groups within the framework include:

  • UniSC Student Senate
  • Student Representative Council (SRC)
  • School Student Groups (SSG) for each school
  • Student Liaison Group (SLG) for each campus
  • Postgraduate Student Association (PSA)
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Leadership Committee (ATSISLC)
  • International Student Group (ISG)
  • Disability Inclusion Student Group (DISG)
  • High Performance Student Athlete Group (HPSAG)
  • Student Guild

For more information, email studentrep@usc.edu.au.