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About the Institute

UniSC's Thompson Institute is a world-class hub for research, teaching and clinical services for Australia's most pressing mental health issues.

Our work is focused around four central themes:

  1. Clinical services provision
  2. Advocacy for patients and their carers
  3. Conducting ground breaking translational Research
  4. Education and teaching

This integrated CARE model - the first of its kind in Australia - puts us at the forefront of research for some of Australia's most pressing mental health issues, including dementia, suicide prevention, post-traumatic stress disorder and youth mental health.

The Thompson Institute is named after local philanthropists Roy and Nola Thompson, who donated A$7 million to building the project in 2015, followed by a further A$3.6 million for MRI imaging equipment.

In 2017, the Australian Government allocated $5 million to help the Thompson Institute create clinical treatment programs to improve youth mental health and support suicide prevention.