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EMERALD wellbeing program

Enhance your wellbeing and learn strategies to nurture it for life.

EMERALD is an evidence-driven program that supports you to boost your wellbeing through achievable lifestyle changes and expert advice.

EMERALD offers you personalised coaching and high-quality learning modules that arm you with strategies proven by the latest science to support wellbeing.

Through EMERALD you gain advice from experts at the Thompson Institute, whose mission is to improve lives through neuroscience.

  • Eight-week program tailored to your needs
  • Weekly telehealth appointments with a health coach and expert practitioners
  • High-quality online learning modules
  • Learn how even small lifestyle changes can support your wellbeing
  • Adopt healthy habits that make you feel better - now and into the future
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Registrations are paused while we work with our current participants. Thank you to the community for the strong interest EMERALD has received.

Learn wellbeing strategies backed by the latest science. Topics you can choose from include:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise and movement
  • Sleep quality
  • The power of mindfulness
  • Social connection
  • Anxiety management
  • Understanding mental wellbeing
  • Reducing social media
  • Negative thinking

Wellbeing puts you in a strong position to enjoy life's pleasures, face life challenges and be a support to others.

Addressing early declines in wellbeing has been shown to avoid longer term problems and stop symptoms from getting worse.

Prevention is better than cure. And proactive wellbeing care has never been more important.

Make your wellbeing a priority with EMERALD.

EMERALD is developed and delivered by experts at UniSC’s Thompson Institute, a world-class hub for neuroscience research, teaching and clinical services.

We’re a caring, professional team dedicated to using the latest science to improve wellbeing in individuals and communities.

Who EMERALD is for

Have you recently started feeling a little flat or 'not quite yourself' in your reactions, feelings or behaviours? Research shows it's beneficial to make small but positive changes now.

EMERALD is designed for adults aged 18 years and over who want to learn strategies to proactively support their wellbeing.

EMERALD is free of charge to the community thanks to The Wilson Foundation and the Australian Government's Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Grants Program.

It is also available to employees of participating organisations.

**Registrations are on hold but we thank you for your interest and encourage you to check back**

Contact us

Email: TI_clinicalservices@usc.edu.au
Tel: +61 7 5430 1191

EMERALD is free to the community thanks to funding from the Australian Government.