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EMERALD wellbeing program

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Enhance your wellbeing and learn strategies to nurture it for life, with expert advice.

EMERALD is an evidence-based program that supports you to boost your wellbeing through achievable lifestyle changes.

Participants have significantly increased their wellbeing by up to 64%. We'd love to do the same for you!

What is EMERALD?

EMERALD offers you personalised coaching and high-quality learning modules that arm you with strategies proven by the latest science to support wellbeing.

Through EMERALD you gain support from experts at USC's Thompson Institute, whose mission is to improve lives through neuroscience.

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What is involved?

When you start EMERALD, you gain access to a health coach, expert practitioners and high-quality learning modules. The 8-week program is tailored to your needs.

Our friendly experts will explain how even small lifestyle changes can be effective in supporting your wellbeing.

Working together, you'll adopt healthy habits that can help you feel better - now and into the future.

Learning modules are online and appointments are by Telehealth (phone or video calls that you can make from a location that suits you).

Wellbeing strategies

Learn wellbeing strategies backed by the latest science. Topics you can choose from include:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise and movement
  • Sleep quality
  • The power of mindfulness
  • Social connection
  • Anxiety management
  • Understanding mental wellbeing

Why take part in EMERALD?

Wellbeing puts you in a strong position to enjoy life's pleasures, face life challenges and be a support to others.

Addressing early declines in wellbeing has been shown to avoid longer term problems and stop symptoms from getting worse.

Prevention is better than cure. And proactive wellbeing care has never been more important.

Make your wellbeing a priority with EMERALD.

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"In my happiness, energy, motivation and daily life, I feel more fulfilled. I have taken so much out of the program" - KT
More success stories from EMERALD graduates

"EMERALD was a timely resource that helped me re-establish my own wellness routines after the impacts of COVID on normal daily life. The practitioners were very helpful and gave me the insights I needed to get myself back on track." - AD.

"The difference has been amazing. The information is there for me to fall back on at any time." - LH.

"My EMERALD experience was positive and it's given me so much specific, quality information and knowledge. I feel more empowered. I will use the resources in the future when I need to." - MK.

"I liked the person-centred approach and the support to create goals and be accountable. If people want to make positive changes, EMERALD is a great way to make it happen. The program has helped me have a holistic, healthier lifestyle." - MK.

"I've gained lots of motivation and a change in my perception of challenges. I can now see opportunities in challenges rather than just viewing them as being too difficult. I know now that changes in my health are achievable." - KT.

Please note: names have been replaced with initials because participation in EMERALD is confidential.

Take part

Have you recently started feeling a little flat or 'not quite yourself' in your reactions, feelings or behaviours? Research shows it's beneficial to make small but positive changes now. EMERALD is:

  • free for community members, thanks to support from the Wilson Foundation
  • Contact us about EMERALD for community groups and organisations
  • for adults (18yrs+) who want to proactively boost their wellbeing
  • no referrals required

EMERALD is all about making you feel better. We welcome your registration.

Who we are

EMERALD is developed and delivered by experts at USC’s Thompson Institute, a world-class hub for neuroscience research, teaching and clinical services.

We’re a caring, professional team dedicated to using the latest science to improve wellbeing in individuals and communities.

Contact us

Email: TI_clinicalservices@usc.edu.au
Phone: +61 7 5430 1191

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Your EMERALD team

Through EMERALD you'll have access to expert advice support. Appointments are by telephone or video calls.

Health coach

Your EMERALD health coach will guide you through the program from start to finish. As a trained clinician, they will assist you to identify goals that are right for you and support you to achieve them. Your health coach will recommend online learning modules and arrange appointments with our Allied Health Professionals who can help you meet your wellbeing goals. And they will touch base with you throughout the program to discuss your progress. Your health coach will be in contact via a 30-minute telehealth appointment once per fortnight.


Our dietitian will work alongside you to make small but impactful changes to nutrition which are shown to support mental wellbeing.

Exercise physiologist

Our exercise physiologist will work alongside you to make small but impactful changes to movement and physical activity that are proven to support mental wellbeing.

Wellbeing clinician

Our wellbeing clinician will work with you on mental wellbeing topics that you identify as being targeted goals. Topics include sleep, stress management and mindfulness.

Program administrator

Your EMERALD administrator will manage your appointments, assist with your access to learning modules, send links to questionnaires and help with technical issues.

Our supporters

EMERALD is free of charge to community members, thanks to support from the Wilson Foundation.

Our impact

We've measured the positive impact of EMERALD on participants and the community. View our impact dashboard.