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Dementia risk reduction research

Older adults needed to contribute to a greater understanding of healthy brain ageing

Research at the Healthy Brain Ageing Clinic at the Thompson Institute is investigating the impact of ageing on cognitive performance through the lens of brain imaging. The research will use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to assess the brain’s underlying neurobiology and to contribute to future preventative therapies.

Seeking research participants

We are recruiting adults aged 50–85 years who are:

  • English-speaking and right-hand dominant
  • Medically healthy with no serious health conditions
  • Have no known pre-existing psychiatric condition
  • Not living with dementia
  • Willing to volunteer three-four hours to contribute to this research


What’s involved

There are three study components that each participant will be asked to undertake:

  • Brief online and in-person self-report questionnaires
  • Behavioural tasks of attention and memory
  • An MRI scan to take detailed images of your brain

As a small thank you for your time and contribution to science, you will be offered an image of your own brain!


More information

Healthy Brain Ageing Clinic
Tel: +61 7 5430 1133

(USC Ethics Approval S211620)

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