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Disability and inclusion

UniSC actively promotes the resources and strategies available to students who experience disability or health issues to ensure equity and access.

UniSC is committed to ensuring equity of access and engagement for students with disabilities. For more information refer to Disability Access and Inclusion: UniSC's Action Plan 2021-2024.

AccessAbility Services

AccessAbility Services offer advice and support to students with temporary or ongoing issues, including mental health issues.

Accessible web content

Accessibility web resources are available for USC staff via MyUSC (login required). For more information refer to UniSC's commitment to compliance.

Inherent Academic Requirements

Inherent Academic Requirements: As a university that embraces diversity and endeavours to accommodate all students, USC supports equal access to education. We are committed to making reasonable adjustments to teaching and learning, assessment, placement and other activities to enable students to participate in their program.

Universal design

UniSC values the principles of universal design and actively strives to implement the seven principles in teaching and learning, and workplace environments.

Student resources

UniSC has designed a suite of audio/visual resources to provide UniSC students, staff and visitors alike with an understanding of how various behaviours or practices could constitute discrimination or harassment, and how they may even affect the health and wellbeing of an individual.

Let's talk about diversity

Supporting staff with a disability

UniSC is committed to creating an inclusive environment that facilitates equitable access and full participation in employment and education. Staff who have a temporary or permanent disability are encouraged to discuss any issues with their supervisor in the first instance so that the necessary supports can be established. UniSC welcomes applications from prospective staff with disabilities and will implement reasonable adjustments to enable equitable access and participation in the recruitment process.

Significant Days of Awareness

Calendar of Dates 

International Day of People with Disability