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Disability and accessibility

UniSC provides an equitable environment so you can fully participate in university life if you have a disability, learning disorder, neurodiverse condition, health or mental health issue, injury or illness, or if you are a primary carer for someone with a disability, or who is considered frail and aged.

Recognising individual needs

We recognise that disability may be permanent, temporary or variable, and may take many forms. AccessAbility Services is here to provide practical information and support to suit your individual needs, whenever you need it. We encourage you to get in touch early.

Respect and confidentiality

When you contact AccessAbility Services, you will be asked to complete a consent form that explains who has access to the information you share with us.

We value your privacy and you have the right to access any information held about you. You can review UniSC's Privacy policy at any time.

Supporting documentation

You will be asked to provide documentation to verify the nature and impacts of your conditions or role as a carer. You can review documentation requirements and discuss these with us at your appointment.

For parents and guardians

Parents and guardians are welcome to contact us for general information about possible supports and services available. However, privacy laws restrict us from speaking about a student without the student's written consent.

UniSC is an adult learning environment where it is encouraged that students take increased responsibility for their studies. This is something to talk about, and plan for, with the student.

Visiting campus

Accessible parking and toilets are available at all campuses. Our maps locate these facilities. Lifts are noted where available.


UniSC provides parking for people with a mobility disability at several designated disabled parking spaces across all UniSC campuses at no cost.

If you require accessible parking at UniSC, you must obtain a permit from Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Assistance animals

UniSC welcomes assistance animals on campus. Assistance animals must wear an identifiable coat or harness while on campus and be accompanied by a certified handler carrying an identification card.

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For more information phone +61 7 5430 1226 or email AccessAbility@usc.edu.au