Job Evaluation of Professional Positions Guidelines - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Job Evaluation of Professional Positions Guidelines

Designated officer: Director, Human Resources
Date reviewed: August 2012

1. Purpose

Job evaluation is the process by which the worth of a job is evaluated by comparing the content of a position description with the Professional (formerly known as APT) Position Descriptors Guidelines.

Reclassification occurs when a position description is revised to reflect significant changes and the evaluation of the position description determines that the position should be classified at a level other than that at which it is currently classified.

2. Application

These Guidelines apply to all University professional position evaluations.

3. Process

3.1  A request for re-evaluation of a position does not normally occur unless the staff member has completed a Performance Planning and Review (PPR) discussion with their supervisor within the last twelve months.

3.2  Re-evaluation of a position does not normally occur more than once in any twelve month period.

3.3 A Cost Centre Manager or a staff member may request the re-evaluation of a position. Such a request is made in writing to Human Resources and includes:

  • the current position description
  • the revised position description, and
  • comments by the staff member holding the position and / or the Cost Centre Manager, explaining the changes to the position description and how they are significant enough to warrant reclassification

If a staff member initiates a request for re-evaluation of a position and the relevant Cost Centre Manager does not support reclassification, the Cost Centre manager will attach a written statement to that effect, explaining his/her reasons.

3.4 The evaluation of a revised position description is normally made within 20 working days of receipt of a request by Human Resources.

3.5 The evaluation process will include at least two Senior Human Resources Consultants or Human Resources Consultants reviewing and evaluating the revised position description against the University’s Professional Position Descriptors Guidelines.

When evaluating a position description, every effort is made to ensure the evaluators have a comprehensive knowledge of the position. This may involve holding discussions with the staff member and / or the Cost Centre Manager.

3.6 If the individual evaluations do not concur, another Senior Human Resources Consultant or Human Resources Consultant evaluates the revised position description. The three evaluators then meet to try to reach consensus on the evaluation of the position, but if consensus cannot be reached, the majority view prevails.

3.7 The Director, Human Resources approves all position review outcomes.

3.8 Where the position is evaluated to warrant reclassification, Human Resources notifies the Cost Centre Manager and confirms the reclassification with the staff member in writing, and salary is adjusted accordingly.

Reclassification normally takes effect from the date the application was received in Human Resources, unless reasonable grounds for another date are demonstrated in the request for re-evaluation.

3.9 Where the position is evaluated and does not warrant reclassification, a Senior Human Resources Consultant or  Human Resources Consultant is available to discuss the decision with the Cost Centre Manager and/or staff member.

3.10 Should a staff member or the Cost Centre Manager not agree with the outcome of the evaluation, the matter may be referred for review to a member of University Executive that is not responsible for the work area. Written submissions can be made and the review will be conducted as expeditiously as practicable.

3.11 A record of a Position Classification Review will be retained by Human Resources.