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Recruitment, Selection and Appointment - Operational Policy

1. Purpose of policy

The University is committed to attracting and retaining excellent staff capable of meeting its strategic and operational objectives.

2. Policy scope and application

This policy applies to all University staff, officers and selection committee members.

3. Definitions

Please refer to the University’s Glossary of Terms for policies and procedures. Terms and definitions identified below are specific to this policy and are critical to its effectiveness:

Merit means the extent to which a person has the relevant abilities, aptitude, skills, qualifications, knowledge, experience and achievements (including community experience), characteristics and personal qualities; and where applicable, the manner in which the person carried out the duties or functions of any previous position or previous educational or other learning experiences; and the extent to which a person has the potential for development.

4. Policy Statement

The University aims to recruit and select the best possible people in a timely and cost effective manner. Selection decisions are made on the basis of merit, and the principles of equity, fairness and transparency will apply. The University applies the following principles to the recruitment, selection and appointment of staff:

  • providing clear and effective recruitment and selection guidelines with the appropriate flexibility to meet organisational needs;
  • ensuring processes are transparent and fair; and promote equal opportunity;
  • developing the diversity of our workforce, including increasing the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and women in senior roles;
  • ensuring that all activities are conducted with due regard for the privacy of individuals and confidentiality of information; and,
  • compliance with legislative requirements and managing risks appropriately.

5. Authorities/Responsibilities

The following authorities are delegated under this policy:


University Officer

Design and delivery of training

Director, People and Culture

Management of RSA process

Director, People and Culture

Approval of appointments (Senior staff and Professors)

Vice-Chancellor and President

Approval of appointments (Academic staff other than Professors)

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Approval of appointments (All other appointments)

Director, People and Culture