Principle 2: Accessible and equitable opportunities and experiences - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Principle 2: Accessible and equitable opportunities and experiences

What we will do 

  • Proactively advance equity and inclusive practices in our staff and student recruitment and retention processes
  • Provide a universally accessible work and learning environment which supports staff and students to contribute fully
  • Provide access and opportunities for all students and staff in culturally relevant, inclusive and responsible ways
  • Support our staff to improve their knowledge and skill in delivering inclusive learning opportunities
  • Provide tailored career advice and support activities for students who may require additional support with interviews and securing career opportunities
  • Ensure that all students and staff have equal access to resources to support their health and wellbeing, and opportunities to be involved in health and wellbeing initiatives
  • Ensure consultation processes are accessible and maximise participation opportunities for people from diverse communities

How will we know we are making a difference? 

  • The proportion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and staff at USC is at least equal to the University’s catchment population
  • Equitable participation and representation of staff and students from diverse backgrounds in proportion to the population in the University’s catchment
  • Feedback indicating our strategies and initiatives have made a positive difference for those who have previously experienced exclusion, discrimination or marginalisation
  • Attract diverse candidates from further afield to ensure we internationalise our perspectives
  • Everyone has opportunities for continuous learning and the ability to make a creative and meaningful contribution
  • Evidence of fairness and equality of opportunity applied in the admission of students, the recruitment and promotion of staff, the measurements of success and the rewards for achievement
  • Increased number of signatories to the USC Diversity Panel Pledge and ensure the principle of diverse representation at forums is adopted and visible
  • A diverse pipeline of qualified undergraduate and postgraduate student candidates

USC commitment  

  • Provide opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders and respected persons to contribute to University business
  • Recognise the non-work-related responsibilities of individuals with reasonable flexibility with work and study arrangements
  • Build a diverse pipeline of qualified undergraduate and postgraduate student candidates
  • Ensure there is an avenue for students and staff to put forward ideas and suggestions on all issues
  • Provide opportunities to improve the intercultural competence of staff and students
  • Support managers, employees and students to identify and address inappropriate behaviour

Examples of individual commitment 

  • Educate yourself about USC pathways, and champion these when relevant 
  • Call out inappropriate behaviour 
  • Sign the USC Diversity Panel Pledge
  • Become a USC Ally 
  • Use inclusive language