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Student Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2024

UniSC acknowledges its contribution to supporting the health and wellbeing of its diverse student population. The UniSC Student Health and Wellbeing Strategy seeks to build healthy life and learning environments for students, with a focus on mental health and wellbeing.

Our health and wellbeing actions are guided by the Okanagan Charter for health promoting universities and aligned with the Australian University Mental Health Framework.

What we will do

Eight action areas will guide our health and wellbeing activities.

Develop personal skills

Implement a comprehensive range of health and wellbeing training and resources to empower students to succeed.

Create supportive campus environments

Foster inclusive and supportive campuses within our places, spaces and people.

Provide equitable access to campus health and wellbeing services

Ensure students have access to the right support at the right time.

Strengthen community action

Empower the student voice in the implementation of health and wellbeing initiatives.

Teaching and research that supports health and wellbeing

Embed and evaluate health and wellbeing training and resources across UniSC programs.

Integrate health, wellbeing, and sustainability

Enhance student health and wellbeing and the sustainability of our campus communities.

Healthy plans and policies

Integrate health and wellbeing in university plans and policies.

Foster partnerships for health and wellbeing

Strengthen health and wellbeing partnerships to amplify our initiatives.

How we will do it

Building on the actions and outcomes of the previous student health and wellbeing strategy, our 2024 Strategic Action Plan focuses on new activities to be developed and implemented.

Successful implementation of the Strategy will require leadership and commitment across the University.

How we will learn from what we do

The Strategy takes a broad, holistic view of health and wellbeing to address the physical, mental and social health needs of UniSC students.

Evaluation of the actions outlined in the Strategic Action Plan will enable us to monitor progress, assess the impact on student health and wellbeing, and learn what works, what needs improvement, and to respond to any emerging health and wellbeing issues.