2.3 The 2012 Campus Master Plan: Goals | UniSC | University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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2.3 The 2012 Campus Master Plan: Goals

1. Enable access to the University of the Sunshine Coast experience

Goal 1

Foster the University’s close links with the region’s diverse communities, especially in terms of accessibility and improved public transportation.

Goal 2

Appropriately acknowledge and accommodate local indigenous culture on campus.

Goal 3

Address the proposed Sippy Downs Town Centre through new landscape design.

Goal 4

Engage with the proposed Sippy Downs Town Centre in terms of built form, building uses, proximity of appropriate facilities and design of access.

2. Deliver high quality teaching, learning and graduate outcomes

Goal 5

Reflect new academic structures in the University’s physical infrastructure, particularly through co-location of affiliated disciplines.

Goal 6

Create physical infrastructure throughout the campus, such as buildings, infrastructure, landscapes and, campus art which contribute to and help sustain a more vibrant and active social life.

Goal 7

Develop existing and future places on-campus in order to form a centre, somewhere acknowledged by students as their University’s “heart”.

Goal 8

Integrate Building T and the sports facilities precinct with the greater campus.

3. Build research productivity and output significantly

Goal 9

Support better locations, building design solutions and physical inter-relationships for University researchers.

4. Develop University of the Sunshine Coast for a sustainable future

Goal 10

Retain and strengthen the University’s “sustainability ethos”, both externally, through large scale regional issues such as flood water management, and internally, through specific requirements, such as those aimed at reducing building energy consumption.

Goal 11

Improve on-campus traffic management, parking and public transportation in both the short and long term, integrating the University with the broader regional transportation strategies.

Goal 12

Provide the campus’ fauna with an adequate habitat, knowing a substantial loss of natural bushland will occur when the proposed Sippy Downs Town Centre is realised.