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6.4 Undercroft space

The 2012 Campus Master Plan includes provision for utilising the campus’ gradual fall of land to achieve greater land use efficiency and cross campus vehicular circulation. The topography of the entire site is very shallow; however an approximately three metre level difference occurs over 230 metres between the northern lake shore and the southern end of Building D, currently the most south-eastern building on the northern side of the main campus axis.

If the grade of the open campus green is retained at a flat surface contour level of approximately 12.9, it is possible to achieve an undercroft parking zone partially below ground over a substantial area at the southern end of the main campus axis, achieving an average sectional area approximately 50% above the natural fall of the land.

Developing this option for utilising undercroft space would require some earth fill in the open campus green, which would culminate in an outdoor, landscaped campus amphitheatre facing the lake shore.

The area below grade would primarily be occupied by parking. Vehicular access from two sides to the north and south will form a continuous through passage, connecting the campus road network below the ground level of the open campus green, enhancing the efficiency of traffic circulation through the campus while leaving the main campus vista and public space unimpeded by traffic.

A number of detail design issues would require careful consideration before pursuing this option, including but not limited to, cost, structural engineering, ventilation and surface water management.

Consideration of how this proposal impacts the larger campus transportation strategies is provided in greater detail in section 5.6 Parking.