7.9 Campus signage | UniSC | University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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7.9 Campus signage

University signage typically addresses a broad and ever changing population of users attempting to navigate a large and diverse institution. Fortunately, the nature of most University campuses means there are usually several ways to finding a destination, and the University of the Sunshine Coast is no exception in this regard.

Signage is nevertheless important for security, convenience and for the impression it can leave on visitors to the institution. Directional and explanatory signs should be aesthetically supportive of the campus’ natural and built environment, as well as the University’s broader identity.

Over the last fifteen years, a number of signs have been provided on campus for way-finding, building identification and interpretative information. It is recommended these initiatives be brought under a broader strategy for campus signage, which should develop a uniform graphic image for the campus as a whole.