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The 2012 Campus Master Plan provides recommendations for the growth and development of the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Sippy Downs campus over the five year period 2012 – 2016. Its key goals draw upon the University’s strategic priorities, which together provide the underlying structure and rationale for the major planning strategies concerning the campus environment, landscape, transportation networks, buildings and infrastructure.

The Appendices to the 2012 Campus Master Plan provide additional support for these strategies.

Some of the information included is supplementary in nature, extending or elaborating principles more concisely presented in the main body of the plan, suggesting how they could be used to inform a number of additional programs and design activities. Not all involve the design and development of physical structures, but rather they discuss possibilities for University programs and activities which would complement the wider aspirations of the institution as a whole.

Most of the proposals arose through the discussions held during the consultation phase of the planning process.

Additionally, the Appendices provide technical detail regarding appropriate plant species for the campus, as well as extensive options for the University’s management of traffic and parking over the short, medium and long term. They complement the 2012 Campus Master Plan by providing an evolving framework of technical information that can be progressively considered, implemented, and if necessary re-assessed while their recommendations are finding realisation.