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UniSC Psychology Clinic

The UniSC Psychology Clinic is a training clinic for postgraduate psychology students.

The Clinic provides psychological services to the Sunshine Coast community at no cost.

Please note that the UniSC student-led Psychology Clinic closes on 30th November 2023. Due to the large number of referrals we have received, we will no longer be accepting any more referrals for 2023.

If you would like to submit a referral, please note that you be will be placed onto our waitlist for 2024. You will be contacted in March 2024 to confirm if you would still like to engage in our services. The Clinic will reopen to start therapy sessions in April 2024.


We offer individual therapy to children and adults for a range of concerns including:

Cognitive assessment

The UniSC Psychology Clinic provides cognitive assessments, carried out by Provisional Psychologists. Our Provisional Psychologists are registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and receive regular supervision from experienced psychologists.

Referral from a registered Health Practitioner is required for booking a Cognitive Assessment.

Types of cognitive assessment

We use evidence-based cognitive assessments for clients of all ages to provide a provisional or formal diagnosis with a range of concerns, such as:

  • memory loss
  • specific learning disorders (e.g. dyslexia)
  • intellectual disability
  • changes in focus/concentration
  • coordination or spatial errors
  • cognitive changes as a result of stroke, infection, or head injury
Cognitive assessment services not offered by the UniSC Psychology Clinic

It is important to note the following limitations to the assessment services we provide. We recommend you see your local doctor or other suitable health professional for more appropriate referral options to avoid unnecessary delays in obtaining appropriate assistance for your needs:

  • We do not offer ADHD or ASD assessments or diagnosis. We recommend that you consult with your GP to arrange a referral to a psychiatrist or paediatrician for ADHD or ASD assessment.
  • We do not administer ADOS assessments (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule).
  • We do not complete capacity assessment for medico/legal, worker’s compensation, family court, or other legal matters.
  • We do not complete NDIS applications or specific assessment for NDIS funding. Reports provided by the clinic can be used as supporting documentation only.
  • We do not provide services to students undertaking studies in psychology or counselling at UniSC.
Assessment format

When you visit the clinic, we will:

  • determine the most appropriate tests/measures to answer your referral question
  • conduct a robust assessment
  • give insight into your condition
  • highlight your strengths and weaknesses
  • discuss next steps after your assessment
What to expect

During your sessions with us:

  • You will get to talk about what you are experiencing.
  • We will conduct the assessment over different days (most typically 4 – 10 hours in total).
  • Once your assessment is complete, we will provide a written report and explore possible rehabilitation options.

Customer Experience

94% overall healthcare experience
96% had their needs met
82% have a plan to cope
100% would recommend the service to family and friends
Self-help resources
My Coping Plan

The My Coping Plan app can remind you to use your healthy coping strategies whenever you feel upset.

Coping with grief after suicide

The Coping with grief after suicide brochure (PDF 357KB) provides some practical tips on bereavement when someone dies by suicide.


Emerging Psychotherapies

The UniSC Clinical Psychology Team conducts world-leading research to improve health and wellbeing. From time to time, there will be opportunities for the community and clinic clients to participate in research that evaluates emerging treatments for psychological problems. Read more about current research.

High needs

Because the Clinic is a training clinic that provides short-term interventions, treatment cannot be provided for problems that require intensive or long-term support (e.g. severe suicidality, psychosis, severe personality disorders, violent or criminal behaviour). Talk to your GP about other treatment options if you have these problems.

Dual relationships

To avoid conflicts of interest or dual relationships, the Clinic is unable to provide treatment to UniSC staff, immediate family members of UniSC staff or students enrolled in the Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) and Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)(Honours) programs.

Assessment and Treatment

A brief telephone interview is used to assess if the Clinic can meet your needs.

A comprehensive assessment is conducted over one or more sessions to understand your problem and overall health and wellbeing. An individual treatment plan will then be developed collaboratively with you.

Treatments provided at the Clinic are evidence-based, meaning high-quality research has demonstrated that the intervention effectively reduces the problem you are having.


Services are usually provided in in-person consultations at the Clinic. However, telehealth services are also available in some circumstances. Your Provisional Psychologist will discuss the options with you.

Session duration

The standard treatment session is 50 minutes.

Treatment duration

Treatment is tailored to the needs of each consumer. Your psychologist will discuss the estimated treatment duration when developing the treatment plan with you.


To ensure the Clinic continues to provide services that meet consumers' needs, you will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire after each session about your healthcare experience. You may be asked to complete other questionnaires from time to time to monitor treatment effectiveness. We also welcome your feedback at any time.


The Clinic does not have childcare facilities and does not allow children to remain unaccompanied in the waiting room. Please do not bring children to the Clinic unless requested by your psychologist to participate in treatment.

Privacy and confidentiality

The privacy of personal information you share with us in the assessment and treatment of your problems is of utmost importance to us. You can read our Privacy Policy here.

Treatment Providers

Assessment and treatment at the Clinic are provided by registered Provisional Psychologists undertaking postgraduate psychology training in the Master of Psychology (Clinical) and Master of Professional Psychology programs at UniSC.


Experienced, registered Clinical Psychologists and Clinical Neuropsychologists supervise all Provisional Psychologists in the Clinic. More details on our UniSC Pyschology Clinic Supervisors.



Psychological services are offered between March and mid-December. Appointments are accepted between February and mid-September.

Waiting list

We try to provide services as soon as possible. However, the need for services sometimes exceeds our capacity to deliver services. We do have a waitlist service where we gain contact with you when an opportunity arises.


If you cannot attend a scheduled appointment, please telephone to cancel as soon as possible. Leave a message on the voicemail if the phone is unattended.


Referral from a registered Health Practitioner is required for booking a Cognitive Assessment.

Referral from a Health Practitioner is not required for therapy appointments, however please complete the Clinic request for service form.

Make an appointment

You can request services at the UniSC Psychology Clinic by completing the Request for Service form (PDF 799KB) and emailing it to the Clinic. Email: psychologyclinic@usc.edu.au

If you are unable to complete the form, you can telephone reception on 07 5459 4514.

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