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About the Sustainability Research Centre

The Sustainability Research Centre (SRC) addresses emergent local and global change forces in sustainability through a collaborative, transdisciplinary approach to research and teaching, while being located within the School of Law and Society. It was established in 2007 with the goal of conducting cutting-edge research into pressing local, regional, and global challenges of economic, social, and environmental sustainability. We aim to provide evidence-based solutions to policy, planning, and decision-making. The SRC is proud of its achievements and strives to meet the accelerating pace and complexity of these challenges. Looking to the future, the SRC is strengthening its contribution to USC’s sustainability, its vision of becoming a university of international standing, and an unsurpassed community asset for a region in which sustainability is a core value.

Our vision

A socially just and healthy, thriving world.

Our mission

Advancing knowledge for sustainable futures.

Our values

We support USC’s values through:

  • inclusive and innovative research and knowledge
  • excellence-driven and impact-oriented research and partnerships
  • respect for natural and cultural systems
  • supporting our people, place, and planet
  • social justice through diversity and mutual respect

By 2025, the SRC will:

  • be a research entity of international repute that contributes to the University’s and region’s commitment to sustainability.
  • demonstrate a broad and sustained influence of our research on policy and investment decision-making.