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Sustainability Research Centre

The Sustainability Research Centre (SRC) was established in 2007 with the goal of conducting cutting-edge research into pressing local, regional, and global challenges of economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Our collaborative, transdisciplinary approach focuses on understanding the relationships between people, place, and change. We aim to provide evidence-based solutions to policy, planning, and decision-making for a socially just and thriving world.

Research Themes

Climate Change Adaptation

Focuses on disaster and natural hazard management, coastal and water management issues within urban and regional policy decision making.

Environmental Management and Governance

Encompasses the sustainable management and processes associated with ecological systems of land and water, and human influence.

Sustainable Livelihoods

Incorporates the socio- cultural dimensions within food and water security, agriculture and fisheries, and tourism.

What's happening at SRC


Our Members

Our members are national and international researchers, within the fields of environmental management, human geography, social science, and regional planning with a passion for advancing knowledge for sustainable futures.

Our Students

We have a wide range of students supported at the centre. Learn more about the current postgraduate students and their projects, as well as study and research opportunities.