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Climate Change Adaptation

Key researchers

Professor Tim Smith

Professor Patrick D. Nunn

Professor Claudia Baldwin

Dr Helen Fairweather

Current projects

Coastal Governance

Embracing vulnerability and change

The condition of the Australian coast is declining and facing intensifying threats from global environmental change and urbanisation – this is despite almost 50 years of integrated coastal management efforts. We need to urgently change how we think about and manage our coastal environments, exploring new and better ways to protect Australia’s coastal values. This research:

  • Identifies social-ecological vulnerabilities in changing coastal contexts
  • Critically analyses how vulnerability and change is managed through current coastal governance approaches
  • Assesses the implications for coastal governance innovations that embrace vulnerability and change

The research is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council's Discovery Projects funding scheme (project FT180100652) and contributes to Future Earth Coasts, a Global Research Project of Future Earth.

Professor Tim Smith  

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