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MISTRA Environmental Communication

Addresses five major fields of environmental communication practice. USC's Prof Neil Powell and Dr Marcus Bussey are involved with the practice 'Knowledge co-production for sustainability transformations.'

Knowledge co-production for sustainability transformations

Knowledge co-production is considered a promising approach to support development, adaptation and implementation of actions in complex and urgent situations.

This approach brings on board a rich diversity of perspectives, values and interests from multiple stakeholders from different disciplines, and societal factors from diverse backgrounds to support creative, inclusive and meaningful collaborations.

Supporting transitions towards a sustainable future

We examine the capability of environmental communication embodied in knowledge co-production. The aim is to enable new kinds of practice and processes to support transitions towards sustainable futures. We work together with a broad range of societal partners in the following cases:

  • Carbon farming in Sweden and Australia
  • Forestry and bio-economy in Sweden
  • Bushfires in Sweden and Australia

Non-formal education for sustainable development in Vietnam and Sweden

Key societal partners involved
  • Green Collar Australia

  • MiljöMatematik Malmö AB
  • Organic Farmers’ Association in Uppland (Uppodlarna)
  • Hanoi Innovative Learning Lab
  • The Swedish Forest Agency
  • The Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF)
Contact Neil Powell

Professor of Sustainable Development at the University of the Sunshine Coast 
Researcher Leader at SWEDESD – Swedish International Centre of Education for Sustainable Development, Uppsala University

Email: npowell@usc.edu.au or neil.powell@swedesd.uu.se