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Project Manta

Unravelling the mysteries of manta rays in the quest to save them from the threat of extinction.

Why manta rays?

Manta rays are somewhat of a scientific mystery. Very little is known about these gentle giants which reduces the ability to protect them.

Sadly, the Reef Manta Ray is listed as Vulnerable to Extinction on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. This is due largely to targeted fisheries in parts of their global range, combined with their conservative life history traits.

Project Manta is a highly successful research project that is engaging the general public, scientists and industry in the conservation of manta rays.

Become a Manta Hero

The general public is contributing significantly to the success of Project Manta. Become a citizen scientist by sharing your manta ray photos and videos.

Photograph manta rays for research

Project Manta relies heavily on citizen scientists. These are water users who contribute photographs, videos and observations of manta rays to the Project Manta database.

How to get in touch

Contact the Project Manta team to share your observations of manta rays, and follow us on social media to stay up-to-date  with project developments.

Meet the team

Project Manta is a collaborative research project made up of academic researchers, students, alumni and other collaborative members.

Donate to Project Manta

Your gift will help researchers to gather critical knowledge to conserve and provide management solutions for manta rays, our threatened gentle giants.

Pink coloured manta ray swimming
Photo credit: Kristian Laine
Reef Manta Rays can make straight-line movements over 1,150 kms, and dive to depths of over 700 m. Feeding on zooplankton, the earth’s most abundant creatures and all-important base of the ocean’s food web.

Project Manta is providing important baseline data to support the long-term conservation of manta rays and their relatives.

Contact us

Upload photos and videos below, follow us on social media, or contact the project team via email, at:

Get active on social media

Follow the Project Manta social media accounts for updates from the team and to share your own observations with the wider Project Manta community.

You can also use social media to send us your own manta photos and videos.

Kathy Townsend and Asia Armstrong smiling

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