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Research clusters

A cohesive group within the School of Science, Technology and Engineering in an area of existing or emerging research strength.

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Advanced Characterisation

We harness the power of advanced characterisation techniques to provide new insights and drive innovation in biodiscovery, materials engineering, biogeochemistry and the environmental sciences.

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Materials, and the processes to transform them into products, are critical for technologies across aerospace, transport, construction, electronics, medical, agriculture and mining. This cluster brings together expertise on materials, their processing, and the manufacturing systems and technologies which we use to transform raw materials into products.

Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics

Our molecular initiatives centre on the genetics of complex traits, conservation and evolutionary genomics, organelle genome, anti-cancer compounds, biotechnology and molecular engineering.

Geospatial Analytics for Conservation

All terrestrial and coastal environments face unprecedented and escalating stressors. This cluster brings together a cross-disciplinary group of researchers seeking to advance the conservation and sustainable use of earth resources, using novel approaches and cutting edge analytics.

Intelligent Sensors, Circuits and Systems

The Intelligent Sensors, Circuits & Systems (ISCAS) Cluster brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers from engineering, science and technology to concentrate research on this important field, with a focus on emerging technologies such as AI/ML, IoT, BCI, autonomous vehicles, image processing, wireless communications, signal processing and blockchain.

Marine and Terrestrial Megafauna

The UniSC Marine and Terrestrial Megafauna cluster aims to deliver innovative, globally impactful research in marine and terrestrial megafauna biology, ecology, physiology, behaviour, and conservation. The aim is to produce high-quality, innovative  research that addresses key global conservation issues impacting marine and terrestrial megafauna.

Ocean Futures

Ocean Futures brings together researchers working at the interface between physical, mathematical and ecological sciences to address climate risks, impacts and adaptation in marine systems. This cluster is focused on climate​-induced​impacts to marine ecosystems, and on ​adaptation​ to future climate-associated risks.