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Epidemic of broken hearts triggered by violence and injustice
20 Dec 2023

Love is the answer as violence and injustice help to create an epidemic of broken-heartedness across Australia, according to University of Sunshine Coast social work academic and ‘love theorist’ Dr Dyann Ross.

Defying the gravity of expectations
19 Dec 2023

He struggled with challenges through high school and was told science was not for him; now Ryan is defying all expectations (especially his own) by excelling in environmental science at the University of the Sunshine Coast, proving in the great experiment of life, perseverance is the key ingredient.

Address the stress before school starts back
19 Dec 2023

The school holidays may be a time of rest, relaxation and zero assignments, but for some kids it’s a time of nervous anticipation for the coming school year.

Too expensive and not enough ‘vibe’ – a look at the state of the Sunshine Coast’s nightlife
15 Dec 2023

A lack of transport, financial pressures and changes in consumer behaviour are some of the challenges facing the Sunshine Coast’s night-time economy according to new research from the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Researcher awarded funding for promising type 1 diabetes research
12 Dec 2023

UniSC researcher Dr Steven James has won a prestigious national award to provide new insights across the lifespans of people living with type 1 diabetes.

Summer stories: UniSC experts available for comment
11 Dec 2023

From the creepy crawlies at our backyard barbecues to the music we will be listening to – University of the Sunshine Coast experts are available to discuss some of this summer's most interesting,  important and quirky topics.

Microbiologist calls for glitter ban
8 Dec 2023

All that glitters is not gold this Christmas, according to a UniSC environmental microbiologist who is calling for a ban on the tiny sparkles.

Champion of solving ‘red mud’ industrial waste named UniSC’s top alumnus
8 Dec 2023

For every tonne of alumina manufactured, another tonne of blood red industrial waste is left behind...

Holiday havoc or harmony? Helping teens and parents navigate screen time boundaries during the long summer break
7 Dec 2023

Schools out for the summer, and with the long break comes an abundance of free time for young people...and frustration for parents on how to help their teen balance screen time with other activities; we asked an expert for advice on getting the balance right, for a harmonious holiday.

Your ATAR is not a dead end: many roads lead to university
6 Dec 2023

As 2023 high school graduates prepare to enter the world of higher education, students and parents will often equate success with a high ATAR score, so it’s normal to feel anxious about the result; but don't despair, as there are many ways to reach your study ambitions and find your dream course.

New focus on learning as Indigenous students walk strong towards their futures
5 Dec 2023

Attendance is up and engagement with learning has improved for more than 60 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Year 7 and 8 Fraser Coast students taking part in a UniSC-led  pilot program called Marigurim-Yan (‘Strong Walk’).

UniSC duo awarded elite scholarship for Indo-Pacific endeavours
5 Dec 2023

Two University of the Sunshine Coast students are preparing for the global study adventure of a lifetime after being awarded Australia’s most prestigious international study scholarship.

Championing community development through cricket
4 Dec 2023

Kesh Keerthi graduated from UniSC with a Master of Social Work, then headed to Alice Springs to live in some of Central Australia's most remote communities; he now works with Northern Territory Cricket, bringing people together and 'making cricket thrive' with the increased participation of children, women and Indigenous people.

Can we sustainably harvest trees from tropical forests? Yes – here are 5 ways to do it better
4 Dec 2023

Managed well, tropical forests can be a sustainable source of timber, Professor Francis E Putz and Dr Claudia Romero write for The Conversation.

Dolphins Dreaming: UniSC students spill the secrets to early-career success
1 Dec 2023

Ellen Szymanski and Eloise Bathersby are UniSC students who have already landed incredible jobs working with the Dolphins NRL team; we asked them to reveal how UniSC’s programs and partnerships helped to pave the way to their early-career sports events success.

UniSC student lands dream job as mental health facilitator for LIVIN
30 Nov 2023

Before she’d even finished her first year studying psychology and counselling at UniSC, Kyara de Bruin scored a “dream job” working for LIVIN, a respected national mental health organisation.

Jake Black is everyone’s mate but mostly he’s Your Mates
29 Nov 2023

By the time Jake Black was rejected from his eighth job interview, he was starting to feel despondent – a difficult scenario to imagine now he’s working as a sales rep for one of Australia's best known craft breweries just a few years later.

Meet 'Sleep', the guardian of your wellbeing galaxy
29 Nov 2023

You may be resting when asleep, but your brain is busy, cleaning out metabolic waste that can otherwise cause irreparable harm including mental health disorders and Alzheimer's disease; the deep connection between sleep and mental health is explored by an expert from UniSC's Thompson Institute.

Aquatic ecology academic welcomes Murray-Darling buyback plans
27 Nov 2023

The federal government's proposed water buybacks in the Murray-Darling Basin are a vital initiative to restore the health of Australia’s major river system, says Professor of Ecology Catherine Yule of the University of the Sunshine Coast.

No age limit to learning, as UniSC joins global age-friendly universities network
24 Nov 2023

With its focus on lifelong learning and healthy ageing research, the University of the Sunshine Coast has become only the second higher education institution in the Oceania region to join a global network of age-friendly universities.

Next wave of STEM scholarships helps build future of renewable energy
24 Nov 2023

A partnership between the University of the Sunshine Coast and Queensland Hydro is growing the pipeline of local talent equipped for careers in engineering though a new STEM scholarship program for students.

Four-day school week
24 Nov 2023

Education expert Dr Alison Wills explains some of the core considerations that need to be taken into account when thinking about making changes to schooling.

How citizens are helping science change the future
23 Nov 2023

From tracking turtles and monitoring marine environments to sounding out biosphere changes and collecting bushfire data, ‘everyday scientists’ are joining forces with researchers to gather data across the country.

Nursing Science student mum of five backs UniSC Giving Day
22 Nov 2023

A former chef and single mother of five who last year received a bursary towards her dream of becoming a nurse hopes that the University of Sunshine Coast’s Giving Day 2023 will help more students achieve their goals.

Commitment to student satisfaction puts UniSC at top in new national ranking
22 Nov 2023

The University of the Sunshine Coast shares the top spot among the nation’s public universities for student satisfaction in the inaugural “Best University Ranking’, released by The Australian Financial Review.

Gauging girls’ interest in STEM study for motorsports
20 Nov 2023

The diversity of study pathways into jobs in Australia’s $3.3billion motorsports sector has been showcased to more than 35 girls and young women from Gladstone to the Gold Coast.

UniSC supports charter to combat sexual harm
17 Nov 2023

The University of the Sunshine Coast has welcomed the release of a ‘Charter on Sexual Harm’ to support the ongoing work universities and other organisations are doing to address the prevalence and impact of sexual violence and harassment.

Global business school recognition for UniSC
17 Nov 2023

The University of the Sunshine Coast has now been accredited by the world’s longest-serving global accrediting body for business schools – AACSB International.

Guardians of the koalas: $800,000 for high-tech tracking project
16 Nov 2023

A University of the Sunshine Coast project to provide residents with the technology to help monitor koala wellbeing has been boosted by $798,000 in Australian Research Council funding.

Inside a manta ray ‘cyclone’: Mass feeding frenzies hold clues to ocean giant’s future
14 Nov 2023

University of the Sunshine Coast researchers believe rare 'manta ray' feeding cyclones could provide much needed answers in an urgent global search for insights into the vulnerable ocean giants.