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Comedian to lead laughter workshops for USC staff

It’s no joke – USC has invited renowned comedian Anthony Ackroyd to lead two uplifting staff development workshops for April Fools’ Day tomorrow.

USC Director of Human Resources Mark Nugent said the comedian, laughter expert and notorious Kevin Rudd impersonator would present his ‘Stress Less Laugh More!’ workshop to two groups of 40 staff as part of the University’s ‘Be Inspired’ series of presentations.

“Through our ‘Be Inspired’ series we provide opportunities for our staff to engage with outstanding people who have had interesting and often unusual experiences that they can share,” Mr Nugent said.

“So far we have enjoyed Rachel Robertson, who told us about her experiences leading an expedition in the Antarctic and Li Cunxin (‘Mao’s Last Dancer’) who recounted the story of his incredible life.”

Mr Ackroyd said he intended to have USC staff rolling in the aisles – all in the name of a happier, healthier, low-stress life.

“I don’t have a lot of people coming to my workshops saying ‘Anthony make me more depressed, I’m just not anxious enough, I want to feel a sense of failure’,” he said.

“No, people want success, they want happiness and they want energy, and the easiest and most fun way to have those things in your life is by using the amazing power of humour and laughter.

“Humour and laughter changes the way we think, the way we act, the way we feel, the impact we have on other people and the impact we have on the world.”

— Brent Hampstead

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