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Criminology double degrees on offer

The study of Criminology has just become even more interesting, with the University of the Sunshine Coast launching a new range of double degrees in this discipline.

From Semester 1, 2016, students will have the option of combining a Bachelor of Criminology and Justice with either a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) or Bachelor of Social Work.

These programs will allow students to complete both degrees in a significantly shorter timeframe than studying the degrees separately.

Professor of Criminology Tim Prenzler said graduates of the new double degrees would have a broad range of career opportunities available to them.

“Double degrees are very good value for students, and greatly increase their job prospects,” Professor Prenzler said.

“There are a lot of students interested in both Criminology and Psychology, or Criminology and Law or Criminology and Social Work and feel a bit torn.

“With these new degrees available, they can do both, and it’s only one or two extra years of study. That’s a fantastic benefit for students.”

USC’s Bachelor of Criminology and Justice equips graduates with a thorough understanding of the nature and causes of crime as well as strategies to prevent crime.

Professor Prenzler said this knowledge of Criminology, when combined with Psychology, Law or Social Work, would give graduates a greater depth of understanding of their chosen fields.

“With Law and Criminology, graduates could practise criminal law, but also move into the area of law reform, crime prevention research or investigations and prosecution in specialist agencies,” he said. “A double degree would give a definite edge in those areas.

“Psychology makes a large contribution to understanding why people commit crimes, so there would be opportunities to work with offenders as well as with victims.

“In terms of Social Work, there is a lot of overlap between disadvantage and crime. A person qualified in both areas will be more aware of how various forms of disadvantage relate to the criminal justice system, and they can hopefully contribute real

USC will introduce a range of new study programs in 2016, including a Bachelor of Sports Science, Bachelor of Environmental Management and Bachelor of Serious Games.
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— Gen Kennedy

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