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Vikings to clash at teaching showcase

A dramatic re-enactment of a clash between two medieval Vikings will bring history to life for students and staff at the University of the Sunshine Coast’s annual Learning and Teaching Week next week.

Media are welcome to attend the demonstration from 3.40-4pm on Wednesday 16 September in Building E (closest to the lake).

It will be performed by USC student Kris Demijanow and USC graduate Justin Raethel, who are members of the New Varangian Guard, a historical re-enactment organisation with branches across Australia focusing on the Byzantine Empire in the 9th to 13th centuries AD.

Both from Nambour, Kris is studying history as part of his double degree in Secondary Education and Arts while Justin is a business graduate who works as a technical officer at a high school.

Lecturer in History Dr Marcus Bussey said Kris was making a traditional Viking shield as part of an innovative new USC course focused on material cultural heritage.

“The course gives history students a chance to research a topic, then experience elements of it in the context of material culture,” Dr Bussey said.

“It stretches their thinking about history because they can choose things they’re passionate about. Other projects are Indigenous basket-weaving and flint-knapping.”

Dr Bussey’s ‘Hands-on History’ presentation will be one of the highlights of USC’s 2015 Learning and Teaching Week from 14-18 September.

This year’s theme is ‘Teaching Visions, See teaching in new ways’ and it began yesterday with a workshop celebrating Blended Learning, the fusion of technology and face-to-face learning.

A special event will be Wednesday’s Visualisation Colloquium that aims to establish an Australian community of academics and specialists who are effectively using 3D and immersive visualisation in learning and teaching. This will take place in USC’s new high-tech, purpose-built facilities.

Prizes for best presentations will be awarded on Thursday by the organisers, USC’s Centre for Support and Advancement of Learning and Teaching (C-SALT).

— Julie Schomberg

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