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International USC graduate rides wave of success

A multimedia platform founded in Brazil by an international USC graduate has won the backing of global surf and skate brands as its popularity escalates.

Marcos Pereira, of Rio De Janeiro, said his USC Arts degree inspired a “can-do attitude” that helped him establish the website to showcase his two favourite things – rock music and skateboarding.

He said the website now covered surfing and skating events around the world, and recently added a 24-hour live radio service to its mix of originally produced music, films and podcasts.

The 32-year-old graduated from USC in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in computer-based art and design, and sociology.

“I touched on many different areas of creative design in my degree, so I knew if I wanted to try something in a specific area, I had the skills and knowledge I needed,” he said.

“Layback has been very successful and I have acquired the trust of the most relevant brands in the surf and skateboarding world including Globe, Vans, Lost and Volcom.

“This trust allows me to select my own projects and people I want to work with, while making a good living and travelling the world.”

Marcos first came to Australia in 2003 for a three-month stay to practise English after finishing high school, before deciding he wanted to experience university in Australia and enrolling at USC.

“It was a wonderful experience at USC as I got to make very good friends and exchange cultures in a meaningful way,” he said.

“The facilities were great, especially for computer-based art and design, as it was important to have access to the latest technology.

“I had some great teachers, and the overall vibe around the University was fun, inviting and supportive, which helped me keep my eyes on the end prize.”

After graduating, he returned to Brazil and started a surf magazine from scratch, playing key roles from graphic design and editorial content, to printing and marketing.

“The degree and the hands-on learning from the magazine gave me confidence to kick off my own website, which was completely different to anything else in Brazil at the time.”

Marcos said the secret to his success was determination and self-belief.

“A friend approached me with the vague idea of owning a radio station, and even though I had never done anything like that before, within a year we had Radio Layback on air, with music and information that complements the surfing and skating content on the website.

“It is the best feeling to have your intuition and hard work pay off.”

— Clare McKay

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