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Experts available to comment ahead of suicide prevention and mental health days

9 Sep 2019

The following experts in mental health and suicide prevention from the University of the Sunshine Coast and its Sunshine Coast Mind and Neuroscience – Thompson Institute are available to comment ahead of two important days:

World Suicide Prevention Day is on Tuesday 10 September, to provide awareness, commitment and action to prevent suicides.

R U OK? Day is Thursday 12 September, a day which encourages Australians to connecting meaningfully with people around us who may be struggling with life.

Professor Jim Lagopoulos:

Director of USC’s Sunshine Coast Mind and Neuroscience – Thompson Institute, a hub for world-class research, clinical services, advocacy and education in mental and brain health.

Dr Amanda Clacy:

Research includes suicide prevention and community-based interventions. She recently led a study of the help-seeking behaviours and stigmas related to mental on the Sunshine Coast.

Glenn Holmes:

Research includes the training of community members as ‘gatekeepers’ who can identify signs that a person is at risk of suicide, keep them safe and connect them with help.

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