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Science Week: USC scientists talk about impact

Exciting and impactful science is underway at USC Australia, with researchers available to speak ahead of and during National Science Week from 14 to 22 August. More on research at USC is available here.

Sea life: USC animal ecologists are working to understand human impacts on the marine animals such as sea turtles and sea birds, so that we can better manage how we dispose of plastics and other pollutants.

Contact: Dr Kathy Townsend, 07 5456 5695,

Bird life: USC animal ecologists are studying the effects of noise and urbanisation on birds and other animals so we can mitigate our impact on different species.

Contact: Dr Dominique Potvin, 07 5459 4462,

Coastlines: Physical geographers at USC are studying sandy beaches and coral reefs using drones, field data and geospatial modelling to help manage the effects of changing climate and sea levels.

Contact: Dr Javier Leon, 07 5456 3405,

Remote solutions: Geotechnical engineers at USC travel to remote locations – such as the Himalayas and Antarctica – to collect information and use it to create solutions for traversing snow, operational logistics, climate change adaptation and more.

Contact: Dr Adrian McCallum (Adventure STEM Advocate): 07 5459 4576,

Mental health: Psychology experts at USC are working to prevent mental illness and suicide and support better wellbeing in the community.

Contact: Professor Helen Stallman, 07 5456 5742,


Even in their early careers, USC scientists are using their expertise to have an impact on their fields of research, including:

Sleep and psychiatric disorders: Dr Alexandra Metse

Hamstring injury and rehabilitation: Dr Robert Buhmann

Nutrition therapy for cancer patients: Dr Hattie Wright

Cybersecurity: Dr Erica Mealy

Physiology and healthy ageing: Dr Mia Schaumberg

Molecular epidemiology of chlamydia: Dr Martina Jelocnik

Human factors in transport safety: Associate Professor Gemma Read

Accident analysis in sport: Dr Adam Hulme

Exercise, physical function and wellbeing: Dr Dan Wadsworth

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