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Scholarship helps Ivy dive deep into science

16 Feb 2021

An aspiring young scientist from Gympie plans to use a Biomedical Science degree from USC as a springboard into a career in medicine.

St Patrick’s College captain Ivy Dugdale, who received an outstanding ATAR of 97.2, said she was inspired by her keen fascination for science to enrol in USC’s Bachelor of Biomedical Science.

“I really enjoy learning about the human body and its intricacies. Organic chemistry is my favourite topic – I genuinely love learning about it,” said Ivy, who will begin her studies at USC’s Sunshine Coast campus on 1 March.

The three-year Biomedical Science degree provides students with a comprehensive understanding of how the human body works and the flexibility to explore emerging science disciplines, including biotechnology, genetics and medical microbiology.

“I am excited to start this degree to learn the various aspects of biomedical science that intrigue me and then build upon that for a career,” Ivy said.

“My ultimate ambition is to have a job in the medical field that I am passionate about and where I can help people every day.”

A prestigious USC scholarship will help Ivy as she chases her goals.

The high-achiever has been awarded a $15,000 June Canavan Regional Scholarship, which aims to encourage women with leadership potential from the Fraser Coast and Gympie regions to study medical science or other health science areas.

The scholarship is awarded to a first-year female student and is in recognition of respected Sunshine Coast sports physician Dr June Canavan, who spent her younger years in a country area.

Ivy said it was an honour to receive the scholarship, and she views it as a reward for her dedication to her studies and commitment to the school community.

As well as being College Captain last year, Ivy was the convenor of St Patrick’s Student Representative Council and a school science ambassador.

She gained an outstanding academic achievement in all six of her senior subjects, including chemistry, psychology and maths, and was awarded the school’s ADF Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork award.

Ivy intends to apply the same dedication and focus to her studies at USC.

“I am looking forward to the academic challenges of the Biomedical Science degree and the rewards that hard work will bring,” she said.

“I am also looking forward to meeting new people, making new friends and experiencing the many social, cultural and sporting aspects of the campus.”

USC Bachelor of Biomedical Science student  Ivy Dugdale

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