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Immersed in industry with a Computer Science degree

If you're thinking of taking the leap into a career in the booming technology sector, why not make a splash by studying an industry-connected degree in Computer Science? That's what Jeshin did when he undertook an internship with technology heavy-hitters DELL this year. We sat down with Jeshin to hear about his internship in his own words...


What are you studying at UniSC? 

I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Computer Science, with a minor in Cloud and Mobile.

What was your journey to study?  

I decided to come to UniSC straight from high school, Meridan State College in Little Mountain. Initially I was planning on taking a gap year, as I was very unsure what I wanted to study at university. After talking to my guidance counsellor at school, I realised that a gap year would only make it harder to get back into studying. My counsellor recommended UniSC, and their Computer Science degree, which had just become available with the opening of the new Moreton Bay campus in Petrie.

Additionally, UniSC had the Early Offer Guarantee, which gave me the opportunity to receive an offer to study long before receiving my final marks, giving me security in my studies. My favourite thing about Computer Science must be the sheer variety of skills and knowledge I gained while studying.

In my degree, I learnt about everything from database design to project management, all skills that’ll greatly help me in my future career. At UniSC, I really enjoy all the people I’ve met, both lecturers and classmates, the majority of whom made the degree a more enjoyable and fruitful experience.

Can you tell us about your internship with DELL?  

I found my internship with DELL through my program coordinator, Dr Erica Mealy. She gave us so many opportunities with great companies like this. Erica directed me to DELL, where I interviewed and successfully got a position! Making personal connections with lecturers like Erica has been a real bonus, as she even provided her recommendation for me to DELL, which I’m sure greatly helped my chances when applying.

The internship was a 12-week program, where I worked alongside other interns as well as long term DELL employees to create products that DELL would use with clients and employees. Since the interns were spread across multiple states, the position was remote, with a company-issued laptop being used to complete work (score!) The work was completed in sprints, which just meant we completed work in short bursts. During the internship I built some great working relationships and connected with other interns to compare notes and collaborate on problems we may have had.

As much as I learnt through my degree, I believe that nothing can beat real world experience, which is exactly what the internship helped me gain. The skills I learnt within the internship are ones that’ll help me for years to come and it directly contributed to my degree, counting towards a work placement course this year. Using my studies in the workplace definitely helped me, giving me an idea of what I was working towards. It helped me feel more secure in my decision to pursue a Computer Science degree and showed me how I’d be able to use it to benefit the ‘real world’ in my future career.

What do you hope to do with your career once you finish your degree? 

Once I graduate, I want to enter the industry as soon as possible. The internship with DELL can really provide a foot in the door to their graduate program, with my prior experience with them being a very beneficial trait. My minor in Cloud and Mobile lets me into a massive industry, with mobile devices being a staple of today’s society, and the Cloud starting to reach its potential.

Any advice to someone thinking of studying Computer Science? 

Computer Science is a very broad field, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume and variety of information that will be covered in the degree. Even choosing a minor, or elective subjects can be a bit stressful. I would suggest not trying to decide what to focus on at the very start. Over the progression of the degree, many different aspects will be covered, and maybe you’ll find something that you never considered, to be a passion of yours. I’d also advise any aspiring students to really consider any prospects that come your way, as you never know where they could lead you, just like my internship with DELL.

My experience at UniSC has been an experience I won’t forget. I’ve met some amazing people and had opportunities that I’m so grateful to have been offered. The connections I made with my classmates, lecturers and internship colleagues are ones that will benefit me long after I graduate. I’m so thankful to UniSC and my program coordinator for giving me the opportunity of an internship, which gave me experience and skills that I would consider vital in the Computer Science discipline.

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