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Carers toolkit can make delirium less frightening and less dire: Study
29 Apr

A world-first pilot study, involving UniSC, has found an interactive online toolkit could boost carers’ ability to determine whether a loved one was at risk, or was likely to have, delirium

Parents the key to tackling kids’ picky eating: research findings
29 Apr

Five years of UniSC-led research into the pesky problem of picky eating by children suggests that therapists should focus more on empowering parents to ease family angst at the dinner table

UniSC researcher embarking on epic Arctic adventure
29 Apr

University of the Sunshine Coast engineering academic Dr Adrian McCallum is about to embark on a 580km scientific expedition into the Arctic Circle – on foot.

Student leaders celebrated for distinguished contributions
18 Apr

A total of 36 graduating students at our April 2024 graduation ceremonies received a Student Leadership Award, which recognises students’ professional development, co-curricular learning, and distinguished contributions to UniSC and the wider community.

Breanna Medcal
Making a strong case to challenge assumptions
18 Apr

As a schoolgirl, Breanna Medcalfe dreamed of doing something “super exciting” like marine biology, but, being a wheelchair user, it just wasn't practical; this hurdle was a blessing in disguise, because instead, she found her path in legal studies, a perfect way to combine a law career with disability advocacy.

Theresa finds university dream is possible ‘no matter what stage of life’
17 Apr

Sometimes it just takes one small step to gain the degree and career that you hoped for, as new UniSC Fraser Coast Nursing Science graduate Theresa Byrnes discovered.

Climate change is causing marine ‘coldwaves’ too, killing wildlife
16 Apr

The impacts of a warming ocean are not the only dangers to marine life, with a new global study identifying a growing threat from climate change-induced ‘coldwaves’.

How a global crisis, drift racing and Memphis hip-hop gave us phonk – the music of the TikTok generation
16 Apr

What is phonk music? UniSC's Andy Ward, Briony Luttrell and Lachlan Goold write for The Conversation.

Spider venom, seaweed and bee research projects share million-dollar funding
15 Apr

Is spider venom the solution to controlling locusts? What secrets do underwater Golden Kelp forests hold? And can the propolis of native stingless bees spawn a new health industry?

“I finally did it!” 83-year-old UniSC graduate fulfils lifelong ambition
15 Apr

Francesca Davies-Graham always planned on getting her degree - she just didn’t expect it to take more than 50 years, or that she would carpool to uni with her granddaughter.

Paralympic Games medallist Bridie Kean called out of retirement for a last chance qualifier for Paris 2024
11 Apr

Paralympic Games medallist Bridie Kean has been called out of retirement for a do-or-die tournament in Japan, as Australia's national women's wheelchair basketball team – the Gliders – have one last chance to qualify for Paris 2024.

Mum, medallist and more, honoured at graduation
9 Apr

Bree Glasbergen entered UniSC unsure if university was 'meant' for her – she has now graduated as a published writer with a Bachelor of Arts and a Chancellor's Medal.

Brisbane Roar midfielder Jenna McCormick talks longer term goals
8 Apr

Brisbane Roar midfielder Jenna McCormick had always imagined she'd become a police officer when she hung up her boots professionally.

Three major buildings open at UniSC Moreton Bay
4 Apr

In just four years, UniSC Moreton Bay has almost doubled the floor space of its campus, opening three new buildings.

How to fix equity? Build a great campus on their doorstop and they will come
3 Apr

Today we opened stage two of UniSC Moreton Bay campus, serving the higher education needs of this burgeoning city.

Perfect grades help Maccas manager flip career to scientist
2 Apr

A former full-time McDonald’s manager seeking a change of direction now has a career in human clinical trials after gaining perfect grades during a University of the Sunshine Coast degree.

More than 2,000 set to graduate this April
2 Apr

It's almost time to bring out the black caps and gowns, with thousands of students set to graduate from the University of the Sunshine Coast this April.

How do we solve the maths teacher shortage? We can start by training more existing teachers to teach maths
2 Apr

Mathematics is one of the key parts of school education, but we are seeing worrying signs students are not receiving the maths education they need.

Despite appearances, digital networking hasn’t killed the business card – yet
2 Apr

Business cards continue to be a networking staple in the digital age, and young people are among those who find them most useful of all.