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‘Post-viral malaise’: Why avoiding the term ‘long-COVID’ doesn’t change anything for those affected
28 Mar

Even if we phase out the term ‘long-COVID’, it doesn't change the fact that so many people are affected by a condition that, like an autoimmune disease, needs better recognition and ongoing clinical management, UniSC scientists write

Why are drivers taking more risks on the beach?
28 Mar

Thousands of four-wheel drives will hit Queensland’s beaches this Easter long weekend, for four days of fun, family and frivolity in the sand and sun, but will drivers be treating those beaches with the same level of caution with which they treat roads?

How to help older drivers hang up the keys for good: new research
25 Mar

Active planning is the key to older people walking away from driving for the last time, according to new University of the Sunshine Coast research.

What happens to F1 drivers’ bodies, and what sort of training do they do?
25 Mar

Despite the impressive speeds and machines, race car drivers have sometimes battled the stereotype that they are not truly elite athletes, but insights into the demands of driving in Formula 1 prove differently, says UniSC's Dr Dan van den Hoek, writing for The Conversation.

UniSC helping to determine next flu vaccine for Southern Hemisphere
21 Mar

Sunshine Coast residents have an opportunity to participate in a study that will inform the research and development for next year’s flu vaccines, based on this year’s flu strains and the effectiveness of the current vaccines.

App aims to make roads safer for motorcyclists
20 Mar

A new UniSC app will collect data on motorcycle crashes and near misses from around Australia, to give researchers and road safety practitioners insight into the factors putting motorcyclists at risk on our roads.

Ethical comms at the heart of Janisha’s entrepreneurial vision
20 Mar

It was the allure of versatility that drew Janisha Chaudhary to study a Bachelor of Communications, and since graduating from UniSC, she’s been busy building her own digital marketing agency – Good Hearted Studio – focussing on ethical communications to support the changemakers doing good for people and the planet.

Close the Gap: UniSC graduate explores First Nations truth in book
20 Mar

Ahead of tomorrow’s Close the Gap Day (21 March), UniSC PhD graduate Dr Hope O’Chin explores First Nations truth in her recently launched book.

Research finds patient-paramedic trust can help free up emergency departments
14 Mar

The professionalism and compassion of paramedics attending emergency calls can reduce unnecessary presentations at hospital emergency departments, according to University of the Sunshine Coast research by a veteran ambulance officer.

So, what's your story?
14 Mar

Excitement, nerves, anticipation...for new students on their first day of orientation at UniSC, a myriad of emotions are present as they take the first step on their uni adventure; meet some of the inspiring new students who were brave enough to visit our 'story sharing station' on their first day to tell us about their journey to the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Pacific Islanders have long drawn wisdom from the Earth, the sky and the waves, and research finds science is behind them
14 Mar

A review by UniSC researchers of traditional knowledge in the Pacific for coping with climate change finds much is scientifically plausible, and should play a role in sustaining the region's future

Study unlocks secrets to animals’ speed
14 Mar

How does nature dictate how fast an animal can go? An international team of physicists, biologists and palaeontologists think they have an answer.

Bad news for skiers as snow season could shrink by 78 percent this century
14 Mar

Dr Adrian McCallum writes for The Conversation and asks if the way we use our alpine areas will change permanently as skiing may be off the agenda.

International award for forensic social work academic
13 Mar

Dimitra Lattas is a social work academic on the Fraser Coast who's work on forensic social work simulation, in collaboration with the University of Tennessee, has won an international award through the National Organisation of Forensic Social Work.

Where’s Kate? Speculation about the ‘missing’ princess proves Palace’s media playbook needs a re-write
13 Mar

UniSC's Dr Naomi Smith and Dr Amy Clarke explore the latest royal rumours abut Princess Kate and why the Palace's media handbook needs a re-write.

Forests future: UniSC chosen to lead new research centre
12 Mar

A Queensland-based research collaboration, led by the University of the Sunshine Coast, has been selected to play a key role in advancing research and innovation in Australia’s forests, through a new national institute.

Scholarship to support women’s spark for electrical engineering
12 Mar

Two Veolia Women in Electrical Engineering Scholarships, worth $20,000 each over four years, will support female students starting an undergraduate Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic) (Honours) program, delivered at UniSC’s Moreton Bay campus.

Platform-powered drones to take off in Moreton Bay
12 Mar

Sky-high electric charging platforms that can extend the flying range of drones are being tested at the University of the Sunshine Coast’s state-of-the-art campus at Moreton Bay.

A dietitian's deliciously diverse nutrition career
11 Mar

From working as a nutritionist for the Wiggles and top-level athletes at the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, to now working as the Discipline Lead in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Professor Fiona Pelly has firsthand experience of what a deliciously diverse career dietetics can be.

Full-circle moment for graduate, back in class teaching nursing
8 Mar

Completing a university degree was “unheard of” in Emily Nicol’s extended family and studying a university subject while still at high school was also not the norm – she decided to do both.

Making Waves
7 Mar

The University of the Sunshine Coast is embarking on an ambitious 3.5-year project aiming to empower women in the Pacific – using seaweed.

Eight ways to get job-ready in the digital age
7 Mar

From online networking to crowdfunding, there are eight key ways for university graduates to open more virtual doors to careers in 2024, according to new UniSC business research.