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Scholarship FAQ's

Types and value of awards
Award Definition Annual Gift  Number of years
Scholarship Based on academic merit, financial need, leadership or community activities. A$5,000 (min) 3
Bursary Awarded to a student of good academic standing and based on financial need.

A$2,500 (min)

Can I choose the name of the scholarship?

Scholarships or bursaries can be established as named awards using a business name or in honour or in memory of a respected colleague, family or friend, to commemorate a lost loved one or to recognise the community impact provided by an individual or organisation. The Advancement Office will work with you to discuss and approve the naming of an award.

Are donations to a scholarship or bursary tax deductible?

Yes, all donations over $2AUD are tax deductible in Australia. UniSC has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status under the charity ABN: 28441859157

Donors are encouraged to seek independent financial advice about the taxation status and legal implications of their gifts or potential gifts.

Are there any administration costs involved?

No. 100% of funds go directly to the student recipient. All administration costs associated with managing the scholarship are covered by UniSC.

How do I make payment to USC for a scholarship donation?

Payment can be made by credit card or EFT.

UniSC will request donation in one of the following ways:

  • annual payment of scholarship amount on invoice/payment request from UniSC
  • upfront payment of full scholarship donation (eg $15,000 donation for a 3 year $5,000pa scholarship)
  • endowment: creation of a fund with a lump sum donation where the interest earned supports the annual scholarship amount. Contact the UniSC Advancement Office for more information on making an endowed gift.
How do student scholarship recipients receive payment?

Scholarship recipients receive payment either as a lump sum on confirmation of enrolment after Census date in the relevant semester, or as regular fortnightly instalments. Enrolment checks are undertaken prior to all payments being made to students.

Can I specify the selection and eligibility criteria?

Yes. These can be customised depending on the desired outcome of the scholarship and the Advancement Office will work with you to finalise appropriate criteria for your award. Examples of standard selection and eligibility criteria are listed below.

  • full-time undergraduate student;
  • enrolled in any UniSC program / enrolled in a specific program/s or discipline area;
  • commencing student / successful completion of at least one semester or first year / specific year level (eg third year student);
  • Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen, Permanent Australian Humanitarian Visa Holder or Permanent Resident of Australia;
  • academic excellence (is specify ATAR/GPA);
  • financial need (as assessed by UniSC Student Services and Engagement based on supporting documentation);
  • hours worked in paid employment or commitment to activities that impact on the time available for the student to study (eg compulsory fieldwork placement, significant carer responsibilities) and other equity considerations;
  • leadership skills demonstrated through academic, extra-curricular or community activities.
How does UniSC decide who is awarded a scholarship or bursary?

The application and selection process for scholarships and bursaries is managed by the UniSC Student Services team. Scholarships and bursaries are advertised on the UniSC website and applicants complete an online application providing verifiable supporting documentation. UniSC has inclusive and extensive policies and procedures to ensure that the application and selection process is equitable and the most meritorious student is awarded based on the established selection criteria. All applications are assess by trained staff using an assessment matrix and for some awards shortlisted applications are assessed by a selection panel. A donor or donor representative may be included on selection panels in certain cases.

Can I meet my scholarship recipient?

Yes. Donors are advised of their scholarship recipient upon acceptance of offer and are provided with information about the student's program and relevant details. Donors are invited to meet with their recipient at an event arranged by the University (eg the annual Celebration of Philanthropy) and may also be invited to attend other events held to recognise the contributions from the community to students at UniSC.

How are donors acknowledged?

Scholarships and bursaries are advertised online and in relevant UniSC promotional materials relating to scholarships and bursaries, as well as via social media and other channels, and promoted directly to the student target audience wherever possible. UniSC also has various categories of donors recognised annually on the UniSC Donor Wall, and a list of donors and the scholarships they support appears on the UniSC Advancement Office web pages. Donors may choose for their gifts to remain anonymous.

Further questions or ready to establish a scholarship?

Contact the UniSC Advancement Office.