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Learning from failure

12 Dec 2022

Everyone fails at one point or another. You can help your teen to self-regulate their emotions by talking to them about the failure. Learn some tips from UniSC's Dr Rachael Sharman, Psychology educator on how to help your teen with their emotions when they fail.



Source: Spark Their Future https://www.sparktheirfuture.qld.edu.au/



Rachael: It’s really upsetting when we fail. I still get upset when I fail. Everyone gets upset when they fail. So what can you do to help your teen self-regulate their emotions?

So some talk around… “Hey this is a learning opportunity. We’ve now got an opportunity to figure out what you did wrong. So we can fix it. So you can do better next time”.

Hopefully, that will help with the emotions. But also just talking to your teen about really basic strategies.

“Hey…take a deep breath. Just breathe. Count to ten. Calm down and when you’re calm, let’s look at this rationally as a problem that needs to be solved. Not as a catastrophic failure and not some kind of character defect.


You can discover more on the Spark Their Future website.

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