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Parent Lounge Update

The Parent Lounge Update is designed to keep parents up-to-date with everything they need to know about uni for their child.

This blog is regularly updated by USC academics and staff with tips and advice for guiding your teens through high school and toward their path to university study. You can also subscribe for bi-monthly updates.

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Helping your child find the right degree
12 Apr

If your child is thinking about studying at university, they might be wondering where to start and how to find the right degree for their career goals.

Getting an early and guaranteed offer to university
11 Feb

Imagine knowing your child has secured a place at University before they even finish Year 12? By offering school leavers an early and guaranteed place in November, USC’s Early Offer Guarantee program helps students and their families beat the stress and plan for the study journey ahead, knowing they’ve got uni sorted.

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Career clustering can help your child navigate post-school choices
11 Feb

Our ability to earn an income is one of our greatest assets, and while choosing a career has never been easy, it’s even more complicated these days.

Supporting your child through ATAR disappointment
13 Dec 2021

When my ATAR was released, I was pretty devastated that it wasn’t going to get me into what I initially wanted to study.

Communications Expert studies to become a Marine Biologist
7 Dec 2021

A single parent working as a Communications Expert fulfills her dream to study Marine Biology.

Helping your child make those big decisions
1 Dec 2021

There are decisions being made about future study and it can feel like these are big questions about the rest of your child’s life.

Taking a leap of faith brings great rewards for mature age student
12 Oct 2021

When I left high school, I was told that University wasn’t an option for me.

How Parents can help their child during the transition to University
30 Sep 2021

The final years of high school are stressful! Parents, don’t worry! There’s plenty you can do to help.

Does my ATAR really matter?
14 Sep 2021

For many High School students, the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) represents their final score after 13 years of School.

How to support your child in their QCE Exams
30 Jul 2021

What we often hear from parents is “What’s the best way to support my child through end-of-year exams?”

smiling students looking at camera
Worried your child won’t get the ATAR they need? There are many pathways to uni – don’t let the ATAR shake you!
28 Jul 2021

2021 has been an unsettling and challenging time for everyone, particularly for Year 12 students.

Bank manager gains uni medal on path to medicine
18 Jun 2021

After 22 years in the banking industry, mother-of-three, Kasey Webb, received the university medal for her academic achievement in the Biomedical Science program.

The love and passion of University study
17 Jun 2021

Our regular contributor Dr Janet Lee looks at what motivates people to go to university and why it’s important to follow your passion and study something you love.