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Parent Lounge Update

The Parent Lounge Update is designed to keep parents up-to-date with everything they need to know about uni for their child.

This blog is regularly updated by USC academics and staff with tips and advice for guiding your teens through high school and toward their path to university study. You can also subscribe for bi-monthly updates.

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Career Spotlight: Urban Design and Town Planning
14 Oct

We chatted to Mitch Tilly who is currently living every SimCity player’s dream – helping to influence and shape the future of the rapidly growing Moreton Bay region as an Urban Designer after studying a Bachelor of Urban Design and Town Planning at USC.

What does it cost to go to uni?
14 Oct

Going to university is an exciting time for your child as they discover a new-found freedom in this next chapter of their life.

What's your Parent Persona?
14 Oct

We’ve developed a new online tool to help you understand your parenting style when it comes to supporting your child’s tertiary study plans.

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Tips for supporting your child from high school to university
14 Oct

Supporting a child at university can be an unknown path for some parents and finding the best way to guide a child on this journey can sometimes be challenging.

Applying through QTAC: Frequently asked questions
12 Aug

We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions when it comes to applying to study at USC.

Helping your child make an informed decision about going to university
12 Aug

Young people may underestimate the benefits of a university degree.

Start uni in high school
12 Aug

Is your child moving into Year 11 or 12 next year and can’t wait to start university? USC’s Headstart program might be for them.

A Parent's Perspective: Career paths
12 Aug

Choosing which career path to follow can be a difficult decision for a teenager to make.

A Parent Perspective
17 Jun

It was a proud parent moment for Debbie and Nick Orman when their daughter Rubie graduated from USC last year.

Career Spotlight: Environmental Science
17 Jun

Imagine being able to help farmers grow a sustainable business while positively impacting the Great Barrier Reef? That’s exactly what USC graduate Dave Clancy is doing.

Pathways to USC for Year 12 students
17 Jun

2020 has been an unsettling and challenging time for everyone, particularly for Year 12 students.

How to help your child plan for their career
17 Jun

Choosing a career is a big decision for your child, what to ‘do’, what career to ‘have’, what to study.

Career clustering can help your child navigate post-school choices
16 Apr

Our ability to earn an income is one of our greatest assets, and while choosing a career has never been easy, it’s even more complicated these days.

Student Profile: The future is digital
16 Apr

As technology reshapes the world right before our eyes, we explore how the next generation of workers will tackle a changing future.

Tips for learning at home during COVID-19
16 Apr

Many parents and caregivers have suddenly found themselves in shut-down home-schooling situations.

Does your child want a Headstart at uni?
17 Feb

Has your child ever thought about starting university while still in high school? USC’s Headstart Program allows Year 11 and 12 students to get a taste of university life by studying first-year uni subjects on campus and gaining credit towards a future degree.

How cyberbullying affects your brain: study reveals
17 Feb

Cyberbullying has a measurable impact on the brain even if you are just watching, according to world-first research from USC’s Sunshine Coast Mind and Neuroscience - Thompson Institute.

Off on a new adventure
17 Feb

It is the time of year when small children have shiny new shoes, when hats are just a tad too big for the heads they cover, when backpacks seem bigger than the bodies which carry them, and when there are nerves about school – from either child or parent or both.

USC Moreton Bay interior
What's new at USC in 2020
17 Feb

2020 has kicked off with a flying start as we saw a record number of students receiving offers to begin degrees at USC in Semester 1 following a major expansion of the University in Moreton Bay.

Career profile: Curious about Civil Engineering?
17 Feb

Ever wondered what a Civil Engineer does? Well they plan, design, build and maintain the infrastructure we rely on as a civilisation – including things like buildings, roads, water systems and more.

3, 2, 1... into the future
11 Dec 2019

Some pretty important numbers are about to hit the streets, and their arrival has been hotly anticipated.

Teen passengers can learn how to avoid crashes
11 Dec 2019

As thousands of school students begin school holidays this weekend, USC has launched a world-first project to teach young passengers road safety over the Summer break.

The 101 Day Gap Year has begun
The 101 Day Gap Year
11 Dec 2019

Did you know there are 101 days between the last day of Year 12 and the first day of university? When used productively, these 101 days can be an opportunity for students to relax, open themselves up to new experiences, become part of their wider community and to prepare for the year ahead – possibly without the need to take a gap year.

Career Profiler: A Peak into Paramedicine
11 Dec 2019

A Wilderness First Aid course was the beginning of a rewarding career for USC graduate, Amy Chilman.

Dr Mike Nagel presenting at the Rewiring the Teenage Mind event
Supporting teens' technology use
25 Oct 2019

While many young people are aware of issues associated with excessive smartphone use, they can still be reluctant to put them down, says a USC leading expert in brain development Dr Mike Nagel.

Don't let ATAR shake you
10 Oct 2019

For the next generation of senior students and their parents, 2020 and beyond will be a new world, navigating a new pathway to university.

Helping your child make those big decisions
9 Oct 2019

At this time of the Year 12 school year, there are decisions being made about future study and it can feel like these are big questions about the rest of your child’s life.

Money to help your child while studying
8 Oct 2019

The big question of ‘How do I afford uni’ weighs heavily on new university students and their families.

Career profiler: Experience the world of entrepreneurship
4 Oct 2019

A group assignment during university has transformed into a start-up business for USC graduate, Jackson Dickfos.

Artwork of what USC Moreton Bay campus will look like
The uni options that are easing stressed parents' concerns
4 Oct 2019

Transitioning from high school to university is a big step, not just for students, but for their parents, too.

Career profiler - Steph Kaye
Career profiler: Getting savvy in social media
5 Aug 2019

You may scowl at your child for spending too much time on social media, however this fast-growing digital industry is paving the way for USC graduate Steph Kaye.

Getting an early and guaranteed offer to university
5 Aug 2019

Imagine knowing your child has secured a place at University before they even finish Year 12? The December period can be a nervous time for parents and Year 12 students waiting to hear if they’ve received an offer for a university place.

Student thinking
Why disadvantaged school-leavers avoid university
5 Aug 2019

In an era of increasing vocational uncertainty, navigating career pathways is daunting, and this is amplified for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

How do university applications work? QTAC explained
5 Aug 2019

If your child is thinking about university, they will need to apply through the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC).

Parent talking to their child
Deciding where to live while studying
5 Aug 2019

Deciding whether to stay at home or move out can be a big decision for your child.

Career profiler: Keeping law and order
5 Jun 2019

Studying a double degree gave USC graduate, Beth McKenna, the opportunity to combine two of her passions, Law and Social Science.

USC Moreton Bay virtual tour image
Take a tour of USC Moreton Bay
4 Jun 2019

Australia’s newest university campus, USC Moreton Bay, may still be in construction mode, but this doesn’t mean you or your child can’t get a look now at what it will look like when classes commence in Semester 1, 2020.

USC Open Day
Talk with USC at Open Day
4 Jun 2019

The people who attend USC’s Open Days come from all walks of life.

Understanding the future for our youth
3 Jun 2019

The future is always shifting and uncertain.

Relaxing teenager
Helping your child manage life-plan anxiety
10 Apr 2019

According to USC education researcher and writer, Dr Shelley Davidow, students are feeling pressured to have a clear plan of their future and hence are leaving school in states of high anxiety.

Parent and child
Your parenting advice revealed
10 Apr 2019

A big thanks to all of you who shared your best parenting tips as part of USC's recent Harlem Globe Trotters tickets competition.

USC Moreton Bay interior
Moreton Bay Regional Council Scholarships
9 Apr 2019

Do you live in the Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) area and have a child looking at studying at the new USC Moreton Bay campus from next year? If so, there may be financial support available through a range of scholarships.

Parent asks child 'what are you doing next year, Maddie?'
But what is uni really like?
9 Apr 2019

You and your child might have read about being at uni or even been to an on-campus event such as Open Day, but even then, they might still be wonder 'what will uni really be like? Parent, Dr Janet Lee, shares a USC resource where your child can chat with a university student to get the real story.

Career spotlight – Clinical Exercise Physiology
8 Apr 2019

Did you know managing health, injury and disease with exercise is a fast-growing industry? Meet USC Clinical Exercise Science graduate, Claire Heck.

A young lady at work in a cafe
The work/study/relax balancing act
6 Feb 2019

When students are studying, working and trying to fit in some fun time, it can feel as though they are always on a seesaw, trying to keep it balanced, while more stuff gets piled on the other end.

Artwork of what USC Moreton Bay campus will look like
Here comes the sun – USC Moreton Bay is coming
5 Feb 2019

USC is building Australia’s newest university campus, USC Moreton Bay.

A USC student sits with other students on campus
Helping your child thrive, not just survive their first semester
5 Feb 2019

The first few weeks of the uni semester can often bring a mixture of anxiety and excitement.

Kelsey Hyra
Is your child looking for a Headstart?
5 Feb 2019

Did you know your child can start uni even while they are still at school? USC’s Headstart program gives students the opportunity to get a taste of university and get possible credit towards a future degree, all while completing Year 11 or 12.

Career spotlight – Occupational Therapy
5 Feb 2019

Ever wondered what an occupational therapist does? Meet USC Occupational Therapy graduate Lauren Pratt.

The 101 Day Gap Year has begun
Join us for the 101-Day Gap Year
4 Dec 2018

There are exactly 101 days between the last day of school and the first day of USC’s semester.

The impact of cyberbullying
4 Dec 2018

Many parents find the unchartered waters of their child’s online world hard to navigate.

Five things I've learned since my children finished high school
4 Dec 2018

It has been over ten years since my first student finished high school and there have been three other students finish since.

Solar Nights
USC celebrates the festive season with Solar Nights
3 Dec 2018

As part of our ongoing commitment to our communities, USC is proud to present Solar Nights — an ethereal, interactive light trail for the whole community to enjoy.

Vanessa and Ben Watson
Setting an example for my child
5 Oct 2018

It’s been quite a journey for Vanessa Watson to enter her chosen career, one that started seven years ago with USC’s Tertiary Preparation Pathway program.

My child has applied for uni, what's next?
5 Oct 2018

Many Year 12 students have already clicked ‘submit’ on their Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) application.

Many paths, same destination
4 Oct 2018

University is not just for those who have gained an OP, or even finished Year 12.

Getting a Headstart
25 Sep 2018

Some senior students just can’t wait to start university.

The changing field of paramedicine
20 Aug 2018

Did you know that the landscape of studying and working in the field of paramedic science is changing? It is estimated that job opportunities for paramedics and ambulance officers will increase by 11 percent by 2020.

Getting an early and guaranteed offer to university
20 Aug 2018

It can be a nervous wait for parents and Year 12 students in the lead up to offers being made to university places for next year.

The new work reality
20 Aug 2018

Students today are embarking on a brave new world of work We explain how USC is helping future proof employment outcomes for its students and what support parents can provide to assist the process.

USC celebrates National Science Week with Dr Karl
19 Aug 2018

USC recently hosted one of Australia's most popular science commentators, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki AM as part of National Science Week celebrations.

How do university applications work? QTAC explained
1 Aug 2018

If your child is thinking about university, they will need to apply through the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC).

University Open Days – open doors
19 Jun 2018

University Open Days do just what they say – the ‘doors’ of the university are flung open so you can explore what’s inside and discover a study path just right for you or your student.

How to travel without taking a gap year
18 Jun 2018

Travelling and experiencing a different place and culture can be a great learning experience for any young person, however it doesn’t necessarily have to stop your child from starting university.

Help your child make the most of being on a student budget
18 Jun 2018

Whether your child chooses to live at home while they attend university, or flies the coop, making sure they can balance their budget is a concern for every parent.

USC Celebrates its 20,000th graduate
20 Apr 2018

During April, 1,700 students graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast across 12 ceremonies.

Meet our first Medical Science students
16 Apr 2018

This year, we welcomed the first students into our new Medical Science degree – an exciting new program giving school leavers in our region a pathway to study medicine.

How best to help your child when they go to uni
16 Apr 2018

As a parent, you play an important role in helping your child make their first year at uni successful.

How to make the most out of career events
16 Apr 2018

As Term 2 gets underway, you and your high school student will likely be attending SET planning evenings, career expos or university open days.

Common questions asked by parents
16 Apr 2018

USC Parent, Dr Janet Lee, covers some of the common questions she gets asked by other parents including whether to take a gap year and what students should choose to study.

Help! What to do if your child is not happy with their choice of degree
20 Feb 2018

Your child may have your child has enrolled in a degree, bought their textbooks and headed off to their first classes.

Give your child a Headstart
20 Feb 2018

Some senior students just can't wait to start university.

What does support look like at uni?
20 Feb 2018

Compared to the familiar world of high school, it's natural for university to seem a bit daunting.

Planning for success
20 Feb 2018

As a parent, how do you help your student develop successful study habits? Here's some suggestions.

101 days of Summer
4 Dec 2017

There are exactly 101 days between the end of year 12 and the start of USC’s first semester of uni.

On the right path
4 Dec 2017

It’s nearly time for Year 12 results.

ATAR explained
4 Dec 2017

From 2020, the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) will replace the Overall Position (OP) as the standard pathway to tertiary study for Queensland Year 12s.

Jacaranda tree
Exams? You've got this!
9 Oct 2017

Exams are stressful times for any family.

Mitchell Tilly
Choosing the right degree
6 Oct 2017

When thinking about university degrees, it’s tempting to stick with what you know.

Double degrees
Double degrees, double the opportunities
6 Oct 2017

Choosing a degree is a big decision for any young person.

Jordan Morris
USC celebrates its recent graduates
6 Oct 2017

It was a day for cheers and happy tears as hundreds of parents watched their children step up on stage at USC’s recent Graduation ceremonies.

All the uni basics explained in USC's Q&A video
23 Aug 2017

The transition from secondary school to university will require your child to master some new terms and concepts.

All about scholarships and bursaries
22 Aug 2017

Learning to balance the household budget is one of the first challenges for new university students (and their parents!).

Go Team! It will take a cheer squad to make a graduate
11 Aug 2017

There is a lovely African proverb which says, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’.

University Open Days – road maps to the future
26 Jun 2017

When you are thinking about further study, university Open Days can act like road maps and guide you towards your future.

Exciting news! USC plans to launch new Caboolture study location in 2018
23 Jun 2017

We’re pleased to announce that QUT and USC are working toward the transfer of QUT’s Caboolture study location to USC.

How much should your child work while studying full time?
23 Jun 2017

Time management is one of the most important skills your child will pick up at university.

Help your child get their first year at USC off to a great start
22 Jun 2017

Your child’s first year at university is an exciting time, filled with new friends, experiences and opportunities.

Everyone studies at USC
12 Apr 2017

The slight cool in the air heralded graduation season at USC, and this year the graduand was me.

Gap year blues?
10 Apr 2017

After 13 years of schooling, many Year 12 students – and their parents – think taking a gap year to work, travel and play will be the perfect way to recharge before diving in to a degree.

Myths about studying later in life
8 Apr 2017

If you’ve been helping your child research universities and degrees, you may have come across a program you’re interested in.

Online v face-to-face learning
6 Apr 2017

When you’re thinking about university, the first big decision you’ll make is what to study.

My youngest child
17 Feb 2017

My youngest child, the one the family has nicknamed ‘Bubs’, starts at USC in February. And I can’t believe it.

Lizzy, 46, of Sandgate, and her son Sam Joyce, of Fitzgibbon, will graduate in April with their USC degrees.
Family affair: mother and son graduate from USC together
8 Feb 2017

A 46-year-old USC student who is also a mother of seven has shown it’s never too late to achieve your dream of getting a university degree.

Changing directions, changing degrees?
8 Feb 2017

One of the most common questions we hear from new students – and their parents – is “What happens if I choose the wrong degree?”

How to help your child prepare for university
6 Feb 2017

Is your child starting university this semester? These tips will help your new uni student get (and stay) on track.

Girls playing football
Kicking study goals: How to balance sport and university
8 Dec 2016

Do you have a sporty teenager? Going to university doesn’t have to mean sacrificing sporting achievements – or vice versa.

Lady looking puzzled
Need a translator? Common university terms explained
8 Dec 2016

The journey from high school to university is exciting, but it can also be confusing.

Mother helping concerned daughter
Great expectations: What to do if your child's OP isn’t what you expected
7 Dec 2016

OP release date is here! After 12 years of homework and exams, waiting for that number can be as nerve-wracking for you as it is for your child.

Tips for high school students preparing for university
20 Oct 2016

For some students, starting university can be pretty daunting.